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Board Review

Ge & Maan’s Party: MD Edition

Ge & Maan's Party: M.D. Edition Poster
Post-Boards High w/ Cupcakes!

Last Sunday, Maan & I had a joint thanksgiving party for family, friends & classmates to extend our gratitude to all those who made our becoming full-fledged doctors possible, and of course to celebrate our passing the medical boards! Booyeah! =) A great night of fun, drinks, and cupcakes!

Photo galleries of the event here & here. 🙂


Consummatum Est!

At gaya nga ng sabi ni Rizal, "Consummatum Est!" I’m so happy that it’s FINALLY over! Sa sobrang tuwa ko, nalampasan pa niya ang kalungkutan ko sa Patho, Surg & Anatomy. Hehe. Now, I hear my alcohol dehydrogenases calling for some substrate!!! 😀


Back to studying after Bad to the Bone! Thank you brods & sisses! We needed this break! Im so happy to feel human again, haha. 8 days!!!

“Yes! Hindi ako nasira! Kasya pa siya!” – sabi ng uniform ko nung sinukat ko kanina. Haha. :-)

This Should Keep Us Going

Got this text from my classmate Iaia which made me feel alive-and-kicking again. Thank you! 🙂

Destiny belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and have the courage to pursue them. Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when you’re done.

With the upcoming boards, I think we need all the prayers, keep-it-up-quotes, and well-wishing that we need. It’s really really really hard. 😦 Makes me wonder why the human body is so COMPLEX, and how the human mind which studied the human body is COMPLEX-ER! Hay…

Never Say Die

Sabi ng GTEC ko: "Never say die!" Dapat ako din!

Ok din no? Hanggang sa kadulu-duluhang patak ng ink ng GTEC ko, nagpupumilit pa rin siyang sumulat. Never say die! Yan ang tunay na fighting spirit! Hehe. 🙂 I’ve been using this pen since June 1 when I started studying for the boards. Ngayon lang siya naubusan ng ink. Thank you to the makers of GTEC for creating such an awesome pen! Hehe. Huwag lang ibabagsak, kundi instant goodbye sa P60+! Hehe.

Don’t you feel elated too when you “finish” a pen/highlighter? Parang sulit na sulit yung pagbili mo sa kanya. Nothing is wasted. It served its purpose.

So ano bang point ko? Actually wala. Haha. Gotta finish surgery today! Then Legal Med/Prev Med na! 4 more to go!!!

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