Rald on his last year in med school
Rald on his last year in med school

Gerald Abesamis, known as “Ge” to many of his friends, and “Rald” to those closer, graduated from the University of the Philippines College of Medicine last May 2010 ending his 7 long years in the Intarmed Program (7-year Medicine Program). In his final year in med school he served as a medical intern at the UP-Philippine General Hospital.

Performing Breast Cyst Excision

He is currently a resident physician of the UP-PGH Department of Surgery, beginning his 6-year straight Plastic Surgery program.

He is an alumnus of the Most Venerable Fraternity of the UP College of Medicine – The Phi Kappa Mu, an exclusive group of medical students and doctors grounded on the principles of Excellence, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood. He spends most of his spare time with his brods as he considers them his own family in med school.

Been part of a choir since elementary, probably i'm a Gleek.

A choral singer since his elementary days, he’s a member of the UP MedChoir and competed and toured with the group with its international trips to China (2006) and the United States (2008) respectively.

He was also a very active student leader serving in the UP Medicine Student Council as Vice Chairperson in 2006-2007 and Chairperson in 2007-2008. He also became the official school representative to the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges – Student Network, later becoming its Deputy Regional Speaker and National Secretary for Special Projects.

Volleyball varsity player since high school

Although not true to his current body form, he was also a member of the UP Medicine Men’s Volleyball Varsity. He thinks he needs to practice more often to lose weight faster.

He managed to survive in med school with all the demands of his extracurricular activities proving a fact that one should not be limited to books, cadavers and patients to learn medicine — you can also learn with friends, foes, and lots of bottles of beer!


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