For the past two days the second and third years have been attending surgical skills workshops organized by the department. We’ve been practicing vascular and bowel anastomosis on rubber tubes and cow intestines hopefully developing our skills and building confidence when the time comes when we’re the ones who’ll be doing these on actual patients.

These two essential skills of any surgeon, are probably the two toughest to master. So many morbidities, even mortalities, come from the “poor surgical technique” factor, begging the importance of these two workshops.

While med students practice on pigs legs on basic suturing, we residents also have this. Hehe

We’re also very honored to have been taught by the masters, Dr Concejero for the vascular anastomosis, famous for being one of the vascular surgeons of the first liver transplant in recent years; and Dr Dela Paz showing his superb skills on bowel anastomosis.

This is definitely a milestone in the makings of a master sugeon.