I think I’m going crazy over the boards.

Wildest Nightmare! Photo from: DeviantArt.com

Just this morning, I woke up with a sudden gasp of air, full of sweat and with matching tears. Well, bukod sa napaka-init at nakapatay ang electric fan sa kwarto ko, nanaginip ako ng sobrang wild na bangungot!

I dreamt that we were all taking the board exams, and after the exams on the first day, as we were about to leave the testing center and discussing our answers in the exams, I suddenly realized that I DIDN’T FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Instead of writing A or B in the true or false part, I wrote the whole word! (Which was very weird and impossible since MCQs naman ang board exams, at scantron pa ang gamit, haha.) Anyway, I was panicking, hyperventilating and crying all at the same time. I then tried to beg the examiner to let me retake the exam, and of course, dahil madrama ang lahat ng mga panaginip, she didn’t entertain my plea. I just accepted it = I FAILED THE EXAM, felt helpless, cried and cried and cried, and before long…I woke up.

Nakakabaliw na talaga…when will this ever stop? According to my countdown widget, 33 days to go! F*ck, that’s a little over a month and I’m only halfway through!

Must-push-self-to-limit-and-then-surpass-it! a.k.a. Must-read-100-pages-a-day-and-then-50-more!