June 15, 2010

Pink Sisters

It all started when Gera eagerly wanted to have a small holiday – a break from board review. Sa Tagaytay daw, para maiba naman. Tutal nandun naman ang Pink Sisters, we could go on a PILGRIMAGE to pray for our intentions, primarily for our passing the boards! Turns out, the image of Our Lady of Manaoag was also there! Plus, a side trip to Calaruega would be a nice opportunity for muni-muni a.k.a. “reflection”. Hence, the small holiday became a HUMONGOUS holiday, and an EARLY MORNING holiday at that. Hahaha!

Met up at around 5am sa Pagkalma, waited for Alvin Chu (never fails…haha) until 6am, breezed through SLEX and finally arriving at Tagaytay around 8am. No traffic! The BEST! Hehe.

We went through our itinerary, prayed hard, wrote our intentions, photo-ops here and there, tsimis time all the time (haha!), climbed the steps towards the Caleruega Church, felt real ANGINA while doing so haha (paging Alvin Chu!), stopped over at Mushroom Burger for Maan’s mushrooms, just in time for LUNCH at Carlos Pizza @ 1045AM! Haha, ang bilis namin. We’re not used to going out of town in the MORNING, haha. Went back to Manila at 1pm arrived a little past 3, in time for our “short-time” with our beds and afternoon nap. Hehehe!

Carlos Pizza, Tagaytay
Lunch @ 1045AM!

Even if we lost around 12 hours of “precious” studying time just to travel to Tagaytay, forgetting everything about the board review even just for a little while; spending time with and talking to REAL people (especially your batchmates!) and not with people whose names end with Katzung, Robbins or Snell; laughing or crying (with tears!) at REAL jokes and hirits, and not because you don’t understand how amino acids are broken down, made the trip all worth it!

Mel, Kathy, Reci, Nikki & Bjay, we all missed you! Hehe. Next time, complete uli! Hahaha.

So, san na tayo gigimik on August 15? Araw-araw na inuman na yan!

Let’s go for 100%! We can do this!