After such a long hiatus I think I’m never ever going to find a way to maintain a blog again. My last post here was more than a year ago, and that was when I PROMISED myself that I’d be updating constantly during internship. I even had my blog transferred here at WordPress from blogger in the hopes that a change in atmosphere would inspire me to write more. Boooo to me and my toxicity — or lack thereof? I mean PGH Internship was really hard, doing things you don’t really have to do but you need to do it since there’s no one else but you. BUT it wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. In fact, I even enjoyed most parts of it! I think it was the best year out of my 7 years in med school! I had free time to do whatever I wanted, like travel, go to the beach, photography, watch movies and TV series, and blogging was not at the top of my list.

A little fast-forward to June 12, 2010. Aside from being the Philippines’ Independence Day, today is my 12th day of reviewing for the boards! In my nearly two weeks of easy-reading review, I covered much of Biochemistry, Microbiology and currently finishing up Physiology! I need to start on the HARD subjects like Patho and Pharma and Anatomy next week so I can finish my first reading by the end of June! I hope I do keep my schedule intact!

My usual day starts at around 8 or 9AM when Maan starts to wake me up y calling me constantly on my CP. Hehe. I eventually (and finally!) get out of bed and start to study (read, hilight and write notes on my review books) until lunch. I sometimes eat a heavy BRUNCH first, then skip lunch all together (my usual routine is going to Jollibee Faura to eat my favorite Tapa meal!). Maan and I then study together after lunch until we go to their place before dinner where her mom prepares a sumptuous meal for all of us! (Thank you!) After dinner we study at home or at our secret coffee shop somewhere in Malate (hehe, maingay kasi sa iba, dun sa secret place namin tahimik) or go to Starbucks UN or Coffee Bean Rob. Sometimes, pag kaya pa, I extend my studying hours until 2-3AM pero pag masakit na ulo ko from information overload, I stop and sleep.


One word: PATAY!

I hope retention does really kick in ASAP! Some say you can’t really test that you’ve retained much until the boards! Hay…good luck talaga.

I started blogging again so I can vent feelings, frustrations and share experiences during my board review. Promise, nakakabaliw talagang mag-aral 16 hours a day! I need a break from all the books, pens and hilighters. I hope this does good. 🙂


Later I’ll be witnessing Tina Tan & Doc Dom Cariaga’s wedding! Tina is a great friend of mine since our Intarmed days. Grabe, ikakasal na siya! Advanced congratulations Tina! =)


Gusto ko din ibalik ang tradition ko of POP (a.k.a. Photo of the Post) where I get to post a picture everytime I post something here. Hehe. =) Pero kaya kasing magpost ng GALLERY dito sa WordPress, so gallery na lang! Here it is:

This was our very recent, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, experience at Amanpulo Resort, Pamalican Island, Palawan! As I stated on the description of my facebook album:

The greatest way to celebrate two things: 1) finishing 7 years of med school, and 2) 6 years of love!

Maan and I were very fortunate to “hitch” with the Andres Soriano Foundation in their annual medical mission at the Quiniluban group of islands near Cuyo, Palawan. In return of our free consultations and service, we were pampered, treated and got to stay for 5 days at the very exclusive Amanpulo Resort in Pamalican Island! To maintain its exclusivity, you need a private jet to get there! Sosyal kung sosyal, hehe, and we got there for free! =)

Probably the best beach I’ve ever been to, the sand is even whiter and finer than in Boracay! Service is more than excellent! And the views? Mapapa-nganga ka na lang sa ganda. Truly breathtaking!

Rald, signing out!