Not too long ago I used to keep an updated blog entitled Toxicity & Beyond. It started on April 2004, when we were all bored studying about Jose Rizal in P.I. 100, and calculating probabilities in Math 100. Back then, I looked forward to writing every-single-thing that I saw, went to, or did, updating my blog almost everyday (amounting to almost 300+ posts!).

This was T&B v1.0s header! Haha.
This was T&B v1.0's header! Haha.

For a about 1 1/2 years, I was able to maintain it, change its designs, and post brain farts as I went through the first two years of Intarmed. It had three versions (from v1.0 to v1.2, relaunched to v2.0, then v3.0, to it’s almost final v3.5, which I really don’t know why I put those numbers there in the first place, haha). It’s color schemes changed from orange-yellow (see pic) to cerulean to black and white, finally retaining a black-yellow scheme. It was a haven for my ideas, feelings and aspirations (naks! haha), a record of my toxicities and musings, a repository of my pictures, my personal home in the WWW.

Eventually, med proper came, and along with it the multitudes of responsibilities I had and held. Time management skills made me stop doing less important things that, although I loved doing, never even made it in my “To Do” lists.

No Time Like the Present
No Time Like the Present
Multiply is where I keep all my stuff. WordPress is where I write about my stuff. :)
Multiply is where I keep all my stuff. WordPress is where I write about my stuff. 🙂

I ultimately lost the drive to update, and soon made a multiply account to passively DEPOSIT my pictures, videos and somewhat be able to create a temporary log of my experiences in med school. Blogging was made a lot easier since you can write and display your pictures at the same time. This cut-down process made it more appealing to me than updating my old blog. I soon found out that whatever I post in my multiply blog can also be cross-posted in my blogger account!

PERFECT. Updating two blog sites in one!

But as time passed, I never had the motivation to really write about what I do, or what I feel. I just post my pictures, at kung may oras at ganahan, write a description of my experience. That’s about it.

I felt that the writing conditions in multiply still does not satisfy me. It’s too simple, with no option to put categories on your posts. I felt constrained and wanted a new writing environment where I can be free to write again, chronicle my experiences and look back in jest. 🙂

I then found out about, a free online blog host, based on wordpress. Tried it, and liked it! I soon found myself importing all my previous blogs from my blogger and multiply, found a great template, tweaked something here and there and…

VOILA! Welcome to…

Toxicity and Beyond v4.0
The twisted and toxic life of a UP-PGH Medical Intern. 🙂

With my relatively lighter load of responsibilities this year (extra-curricular wise), I have a great feeling of maintaining this blog for a good year or so, just in time for my residency training (hopefully in PGH Surgery) Wish me luck!