1. What’s your favorite Duty Status?

Definitely the REHAB 7x POST DUTY status! Hahaha. Kahit na sa Rehab man yun, ok lang. At least you’ve got a week of no duties! Weee! 

2. Where’s the best place to study in UPCM / PGH?

I don’t study. Haha. Joke lang! I have to say Pagkalma Park, dapat walang nakatambay! Hahaha. Just bring OFF LOTION/DRAGON KATOL dahil humongous ang mga lamok. May WiFi pa, electric fan, at table! Pwedeng matulog, kumain at may CR na malapit sa student lounge. Hehe. Try it especially in December, naka-christmas light lang, romantic pa yung place. Hehehehe. You can’t study there though p’ag umaga at hapon, makikipagkwentuhan ka lang! 

3. Where’s the best place to study outside UPCM / PGH?

I don’t study nga e. Hahaha. Hm, sa Starbucks (UN Ave) nga siguro. Konti tao, may mga plugs for the laptop, hehe.

4. What’s your favorite medical “instrument”?

The ever-reliable stethoscope. Iba pa rin ang nasasabihan ng “Doc, nilagay nyo lang yang stet nyo sakin, pakiramdam ko magaling na ko…” WOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! (and the steth actually distinguishes you as a medical student from the other staff dressed in white. Pag wala kang steth, 90% of the time, iba ang matatawag sayo…hehe.)

5. 30 minutes before class/duty/rounds start. Where do you eat?

Pwedeng breakfastival, pero that’s mostly on a post-duty day. I eat at Ministop before going to a benign class/duty/SGD. Pag toxic kasi, I’m *usually* late, haha, kaya I run from ROB to PGH in 2 1/2 minutes (yes, timed yun ok.) And then I eat sa PGH Charity or pag ginanahan, sa Pay. Hehe.

6. Favorite “Opening Speech” in presenting a patient or a tour of duty to the team/consultant/etc?

I have to agree with Ants:
OB-Gyn. “I was the first Obstetrician on duty and during my tour of duty I had 10,000 admissions and no unresolved cases” 
After a month in OB (with great service-mates and residents), summary rounds became more benign and benign until we finally said goodbye to LRDR and OBAS! Hehehe.

7. Favorite lecture room?

Kung sa College, nothing beats BSLR-E! Malamig na siya ngayon with new air con units at may overhead LCD projector na rin! Hehe. And memories of freshman year are still engraved in those walls. =D Pero the best lecture hall in PGH would have to be the new Audi in Ophtha. As in WOW, nasa Pilipinas pa ba ako?

8. Best DETOX in the world???

Pwedeng egg white? Hehe. (Watusi?!) A good bath and sleep. Bow. 

9. Favorite medical book?

Madami rin kaming pinagdaanan ng NEW Harrison’s ko, from sleep-less duties in IM, and the sense of impending doom come Endorsements come! Hay…hehe. Therefore, I answer, HPIM 17thed! =D
10. Standard speech when introducing yourself to a patient?

“Hello po! Ako po si Dr. Abesamis. Iinterbyuhin ko lang po kayo at eeksaminin mamaya, ok lang po ba?” Then I usually ask him/her where she lives thus establishing rapport. Tsaka na yung real stuff, kwento lang muna. Hehe. Yan ay KUNG may oras. Kung wala, hala! diretso na!

“ADMISSION! Hoy misis! Ilabas mo yang kamay mo baka pati baby mo matusok ko!” -Pag ang nanay ay dumating ng 4AM at mahimbing ka nang natutulog dahil CODE BLACK amf!!!

11. Powerpoint or Paper? Which is better?

Powerpoint, coz I’m a visual person. m/

12. Any medical bloooopers?Ü

Haha, eto na lang, para walang dawit, just GO FIGURE: 

 2 syringes + Furosemide + Cefuroxime = a duty night of fun and laughter!

Salamat Ants! Ang saya sagutan nito! Probably our co-clerks would have a field day of answering this! Hehehe! =D

Happy New Year everyone!