I want to chronicle my whole US 2008 trip right, kaya may series ang blogs ko ngayon. Hehe. I hope magawa ko nang tama at hindi tamarin sa pagsusulat. Nyahaha. =)

It’s already 2:30AM and in an hour I’ll be getting ready to leave for the airport.

AT LAST. The MedChoir tour will finally start!

There are so many things to be excited about. Eversince I was a kid, I really enjoyed long travels. I never really minded getting stuck in the airport during long stop-overs, I like being in airports. Masayang tumingin ng mga tao tao, mga bagay bagay, lalo na sa duty free — thinking that one day sana mabili mo rin yung luxury watch na nakadisplay. I also enjoy long flights, and developed a certain liking of airline food (except ones that come from Korea, yung may kimchi..yech.) I like discovering new things about a place, reading magazines of different countries, answering crosswords puzzles while waiting to board the plane. I was actually disappointed that I won’t be travelling alone this time. Hehe. Akala ko nung una, mag-isa ako dahil I booked at a different agent from the rest of the choir kasi I’ll be staying behind. Turns out sabay lang din pala kami ng flight from HK to San Francisco. Owell, at least may mga makakausap ako. =)

I’m also looking forward to the concerts. Returning to MedChoir only this January after a nearly 2 year hiatus, the concert in Michigan would be my 1st concert with the choir in the last two years. Di ko pa uli nafifeel yung “high” when singing on stage. That’s something to look forward to.

Another one would be the experiences with the choir while on tour. The Xiamen experience we had was such a great one, each one of us grew with each other. Nakakatuwang balik-balikan. 🙂 I hope the US Tour would form and strengthen new and old friendships alike.

And most of all, I’m looking forward to that vacation in the end of the tour. My whole ICC year was the best and worst year of my life. I’ve rediscovered myself in this year as I was pushing and pushing myself to my limits, nearing to points of breakdown. Buti na lang ‘di ako natutuluyan. I remember writing a blog at the start of ICC year, (see Super Gerald) saying na baka hindi ako makasama sa US Tour, and I was “overly terrified of not doing my jobs well”. Well, ICC year is done, and my posts are finally officially over. But despite all the hardships I’ve been through this year, I also enjoyed and had a blast. Sayang hindi ko pa natatapos yung Photo-recap ko ng ICC year, hintayin na lang. Mejo well documented kasi lahat lalo na it is this year that I had my OWN camera to tinker with. =)

And yeah, another thing to look forward to is celebrating our 4th anniversary at NYC! May 22 is the date, world premiere of Indiana Jones (and Sex and the City for Maan, hehe)! Last year we celebrated it on Bora, this year international na! Hahaha. Buti na lang at summer ang anniversary namin, we get to choose where we want to spend it! Weee. =)

So there, I hope we all have a safe trip! And for all the bigatens who will leave the country for their respective electives, see you when I see you! =) New Yorkers, wait for me! I’ll be joining you on May 14th! Brod (Alvin, hehe) and sisses, set the date of our NY gimik! May 19 nga ba Miya? Hehe.

I WILL ENJOY AND RELAX AND HAVE FUN! I think my mom and dad thinks I deserve it. Good for me. =)

Next posts will be overseas. =D