I really should be studying right now for ORL finals. Haha.

As ICC year neared its end, I had a very fruitful day as I made-up for my missed SGD in Neuro at the Neurology Clinic at the OPD.

I checked-up a new patient (as always), and turns out he was a diagnosed case of Parkinsonism and was lost to follow-up due to financial constraints. Ang haba din ng history nya, starting 7 years PTC, and nagkwentuhan kami for about an hour bago ko pa siya na-examine. Matagal na ang symptoms nya, and an MRI request has already been given by a private doctor, pero ang tagal nila bago makapunta sa PGH to ask for a Clinical Abstract so they can ask charitable institutions (i.e. you friendly neighborhood Congressman/Senator/PCSO) for assistance. Eventually, I ended up presenting the case to Dr. Fabiana, who ended up asking me aLOT of questions about Parkinsonism which I totally do not know except that it’s localized in the basal ganglia –> substantia nigra. Haha. So I gave him the lab and MRI requests, a completely filled-in Clinical Abstract, and a prescription for his tremors. To those who are not aware, usually, after this, the patient goes to the nurse to be discharged from the clinic. No PF’s involved, no exchange of cash whatsoever. This is PGH, service is free.

BUT much to my surprise and glee, the patient was so thankful that we got to see him and will now be resuming treatment again, his tita gave me a BUKO PIE.

It was my first “kapalit” for service rendered. 🙂

My mom usually takes home fruits, chocolates, vegetables from her charity patients. Yun na lang daw kasi ang kaya nilang ibigay. Now I know how she feels. Masaya pala at kuntento. =D

So later that day, I was so happy that I didn’t bother to study for Neuro or Pharma finals anymore. I finished my deficiency in Neuro, AND I also got a buko pie from my patient! Hehe. =)