Tapos na ang IM!!! Hay.. I just have to let this out! Shet. It’s 2:17 in the morning and here I am, having my POST-Internal Medicine Mini Holiday! Hehe. I’ve checked more than 300+ emails, replied to 20+ of them, gone to my favorite websites, and went home (at last!). Hehe.

I’m really excited about my nest roation: SURGERY! Too bad at 7AM ang klase ko mamaya, sa MINOR OR! Earlier this afternoon (before our SUMMATIVE exam in IM), we practiced suturing & knot tying in pigs legs. Hehe. I was kidding with Bernard, challenging him to a bet that whoever identifies the surgical instrument correctly, will become the Cheif of the Department of Surgery. Haha, wala lang. I’m really excited to see if I’m really cut-out for surg. Shet. Hehe. I can’t wait to rotate in plastics. Yeaaaahhh!!!

We were suturing kanina sa Chairman’s Conference Room and there were the pictures of all the past Chairs of the Surgery. Some were very familiar faces of brods and sisses in Phi. Well, some were also familiar being our consultants in our past years. Wala lang, I think it really takes a lot of GUTS & DETERMINATION to enter surgery, and EVEN MORE GUTS & DETERMINATION to be Chief of Surgery. Hehe…sana in 30 years’ time, I’ll be hanging my own picture there in that Conferene Room…HAHAHA! =]

*Sings: Libre lang managarap…Walang hanggan na pag-hiling…Libre lang mangarap
Managinip ka habang gising…*