Today (yes, Today. It’s 12:53AM already of Monday, July 30), marks the start of our TRUE ICC year.

For the uninitiated, ICC = Integrated Clinical Clerk = too young to be called a Clinical Clerk = too old to be called a mere medical student. Yes. Today marks the first day of our CLINICAL years. The term “Clinical” in our status implies that we are not mere lecture-bound students anymore. We will now see patients as part of our learning, and rely on their “cases” for our knowledge. Not the lectures, not the pictures on the powerpoints. Patients in the Out Patient Department (OPD) is our game.


I hope all my “experiences” in the ward works, medical and surgical missions pay off. Internal Med (IM) pa naman first rotation ko. As Joan said, we are the sacrificial lambs. Go Gryffs!

Again for the uninitiated, IM = 3 weeks of hell = exam every Friday = yes, may exam ako this Friday on Gastrointestinal and Endocrine Diseases.

Ferck. I’m an ICC.

So help me God. Please.


Let me share you myself as a Simpsons character. Hehe. Brought to you by Thanks Ging for the idea. Hehe. Natuwa ako. =]