Avast ye’! Clamber aboard. Hoist the sails and tighten ye’r moneyjackets as we embark on this great, grand quest, “The Great Med Raid, Seize the Treasures of Med!”, that will leave y’e hangin’ onto ye’r bootstraps for dear life. It’s high time we turned y’e yellowbellied landlubbers into the heroes of med lore!

The crews of the Phi Kappa Mu brotherhood and the Phi Lambda Delta fellowship swear to high heavens to navigate you through the murky waters of doubt and expectations as we spin yarns on what to expect in the unchartered land of Medicine.

So smarten up, as we face looming ominous peril, yet emerge victorious with all the doubloons this adventure has to offer. Face the challenges, navigate the seas, be one with ye’r crew and bag the booty in this race. This not be for the lily-livered as this journey promises a glimpse into the reality that Med is. So raise the Jolly Roger, make haste, avoid Davy Jones Locker, for at the end we get in the books, equipment, tips, tons of loot, and a chance to win a Littman stethoscope to boot!

June 14, 2007
Registration starts at 4:30 PM, BSLR Lobby

Dinner will be served