As the new year starts, (and as blogger launches its new format), I shall have my new version of T&B template done. Hehe.

This, however, will STILL only be a temporary thing since I STILL don’t have time to blog that often since I STILL have 3 more months until I finish my 2nd year of med school.

I just had to try out the NEW blogger format which I now find easier than before. It now allows for drag-drop template tweaking, labels for filing your posts, more stable publishing (no more I-lost-my-10-paragraph-long-blog-post-because-of-blogger’s-effin’-downtime!), and easier comments moderation. It’s more user-friendly and techno-bobo friendly, especially for the ones who are just starting to blog.

But still, nothing beats MULTIPLY for the all-in-one package: PHOTOS, BLOG, MUSIC, VIDEOS, LINKS, EVENTS & the NETWORK you’re building. Hehe.


I miss blogging. I miss writing every freaking event that happens in my freaking life. I miss posting pictures, I miss tweaking my page, thinking about my next template, visualizing what Toxicity & Beyond version 4.0 would be like. I miss being fragmented and post all my thoughts in bulleted form so that I would remember each of them when I get back to my post.

I used to blog everyday, looking forward to coming home from school, connecting to the internet (then using my blasted dial-up) and writing about the book I read, the chismis my friend told me, where Maan & I dated, what movie I watched, what concert rocked, what happened to our school project, etc etc etc…

Those were the good ol’ days…

But is it just me? Or is the entire blogscene slowly giving up? (Or growing up?) When I started blogging 2 years ago (April 2004, out of boredom from Summer vacation), everything in the blogsphere was UP! Way UP! Blogging in the Philippines was just starting and I remember everyone still had a livejournal then (including me), but eventually I got a Blogger account since it let me change the HTML more freely. It was in no time that I egged my intarmed classmates in blogging also, hehe. They made their own blogs with me helping setting them up. We made a class blog, where we ranted about our teachers, exams etc. Even my highschool classmates followed suit. Blogging became a trend, and almost everyone I knew had one.

I began to know more people through blogs, hopping along the links of my friends, reading my friends’ friend’s blog, and then hopping to their friends’ blog. I began to know people only through the net, and later meeting them on the real world as “the person who wrote about __(put subject here)__”

When med school came, my net time began to reach a nadir. With that, my blogging time also decreased updating almost only twice a month, which became only twice a semester. By that time, I only wrote when I really needed to write something, AND when I have the time. That moment when you have both of that (need to write + time) doesn’t come often when you’re in med school. You’re almost always preoccupied with your requirements, and confined to writing case summaries, abstracts, and transcriptions. Your vocabulary shrinks to just a few laymen words: “The patient is __(initials)__ a _(age)_ year old _(sex)_ from __(place)___ who presents with __(symptom)__

But when times came that I do have time to spare for internet, (i.e. tabbing a page aside from where I’m researching), and visit blogs which I regularly visit then, they’re all like mine…NOT UPDATED. Even until now, as I check my links in the Blogista section (look at the sidebar), more often than not, most of these blogs have been updated last 2005 pa. I see more action in livejournal or in multiply. But these bloggers, my contemporaries in the blogsphere, have also stopped to blog.

Have we all been so busy? Or are we just growing up?

Is blogging just a phase in our life? that when more important things come up, it’s easy to just give it up.

I don’t know if there are still people who are as die-hard bloggers as we were before. I haven’t been blog-hopping lately…but I hope all my blog friends do come back and enjoy the good ol’ days!

Happy New Year everyone!