Belatad Happy Easter everyone!

I said I’ll be updating yesterday, but apparently I wasn’t able to.

Our tuli mission in San Pablo pushed through last Saturday. Was able to add three kids on my growing number of tuli patients. Hehe. More of that when I get the pics from my brod.

Tomorrow I’ll be coming back to Manila to do tons of work.

1) MSC Sem Planing backlog
2) Phi Summer Work

In fact to do such a feat I might to even come back to QC until Wednesday. Three days back in good-ol’-Manila. Makes me want to sing the Hotdogs’ hit single “Manila, Manila…I keep coming back to Manila…”

I guess with all the work I have spread out through my whole summer, with all the tuli and med missions, MedChoir practices, and MSC SemPlanning on my way, I might as well be coming back to Manila again and again this summer.

Sigh…so much for a good summer vacation. 🙂