Friends, family, guests…meet Quon (Kyu-won), my new laptop. A Neo Q-Note, Empriva 310GX, Pentium M 1.2GHZ ULV, 512MB DDR2, 80GB, 10.6″ WXGA! Just right for the mobility and efficiency I need to do my multi-tasking in the following years to come. What happened to Marley? He’s still fine, but he’s becoming more of a burden (on my shoulders) to me especially with all the commuting I do with him on my back. I’m still adjusting to the tiny keys in this keyboard, as well as the small screen. Hehe. But hey, as they say, with great changes come great adjustments.


May Tuli Mission na naman kami sa frat bukas. Sa San Pablo, Laguna. I’ll get to christen more boys into manhood. Hehehe. This will only be my third tuli mission, and on my count, I’ve already put anesthesia, clamped, cut, sutured, and dressed 10 young souls. Makaka-ilan kaya ako bukas? Hehehe.

Oo, Sabado de Gloria, may TULI MISSION kami. Sayang dahil time off from vacation? least mawawala na ako sa routine ko ng tulog-kain-computer-kain-computer-kain-tulog. Something to do at last!

Will update tommorow!


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