Imbis na mag-aral para sa exam sa Wednesday at Thursday, naglaro kami ng Ultimate – Frisbee sa Ateneo fields kahapon. Hehe. Ang saya, kasi madami kaming nandoon! We played 8 on 8, and of course, our team won. Hahaha! *sorry alric, ganyan talaga ‘pag kakampi mo ang twin towers!*

After Joan and the gang left, (dahil manonood sila ng Jason Mraz concert…) the rest of the guys, Alric, David, Sonny, his brother Edward, and I, played against a college team. Yung totoohanang ultimate talaga. Haha. Little did we know na sobrang dami pa palang rules ang hindi namin alam. Bwehehe.

Of course, the much abled and experienced team won…them. Hehe. Pero oks lang, at least we got to play *real* ultimate. 😀

Boracay? Here we come!

Haha, as if.

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I got my hair cut. Hindi siya joke. Hehe. I’m planing to grow my hair, and its in the state where its too long to be called semi-kal, and just an inch away from being called AFRO hair. Haha. bottom line is, I had to “clean it up”. Haha. I don’t want to wake up one morning and see in the mirror some strange looking guy in an afro-do.


Pero pwede din. 😉


I’m still short from my trans quota reads this weekend. I promised myself that I’m going to finish reading all my transcriptions this Saturday, but hell, we played frisbee! So I slept the whole evening, and just woke up this morning, 3AM man. Freakin’ 3AM…the true witching hour according to The Exorcism of Emily Rose. And now I’m blogging. Hehehe. Sana ‘di na uli ako makatulog. I’m going to finish them transes…I have to!


Maan and I watched Jarhead this week. Maganda siya in the sense na hindi ka makakatulog at madami kang malalaman tungkol sa US Marines at sa War. Hehe. Yun lang. Pero siguro mas appealing siya sa American audience. *Should have watched Don’t Give Up on Us! Tsss. Hehehe, joke lang.*