I received this email from gdwn thru our batch’s egroups.

Hilarious, I tell you. Corny, but hilarious. 😀


How will you survive this situation?

think reaaaallly hard before clicking


for the answer.

Hehehe. Cge na, tawa lang. :] Mautot ka pa jan e. 🙂

This is dedicated to Gillian Michele btw, who’s celebrating her debut in Cagayan de Oro tonight!

Happy Birthday Gill!


My imed classmates and I went to ATC kanina and watched CAN THIS BE LOVE! Hahaha. 😀 Nice summer gimik!!! I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Anthony for your magic van. 😀 It was nobody’s fault that all our cars (Abe’s, Kathy’s and mine) have plate numbers which end with 7 or 8. Next time, no more Thursday gimiks ayt? Hahahaha. 😀

Triple dates aren’t bad after all. Wahahahahaha!!!



El gimikeros at the ATC: Abe, Maan, Kathy, Tara and Ants. :] Gerald behind the cam.