Today is the 1st day of April. It’s 2:14 in the morning, and ZOO 30 still haunts us until now. See, our prof gave us a class project to make our grades higher…apparently, a lot of us are not satisfied with just mediocre grades. Sigh…
Maan and I teamed up to make a section of the project — Amphibian Fertilization. We’re actually cramming it tonight (err, this morning) since we’re leaving for Makiling this morning for the annual summer camp of Kythe kids. Kythe is the foundation for children with cancer co-founded by my mom, and I’ll be spending this weekend with them. Hehehe. 
This is already the 10th camp, and this is the first time that I’ll be volunteering for the camp. Reasons for not joining before? I was too busy, conflict with my summer schedule, etc etc. But now, I’m going.
I dragged Maan and another friend Tina along with me to help with the camp activities. Sana mag-enjoy kami! 😀
We’ll be back Sunday evening. ’til then, my blog will be, once again, on a hiatus. :p
*hehehe, walang mashadong insight itong post na to. nyekekekekek. bangag na ako, maaga akong gumising kaninang umaga, at di pa ko natutulog ngayong araw. nagcommute pa ako to Manila, then to Cubao. haay…*