I’m currently stuck at my dorm, studying. Oh yes. It’s saturday night and I’m here at my desk, busying myself with different molecules responsible for cell proliferation and differentation of the human embryo. Putangina. I hate this life.

Yesterday was one of the happiest moments of my Intarmed life (among many others, o diba? masaya naman talaga e). We WON 1st place at the MEDiSCENE play competition! OHHHH YEAAAHHH!!!! To think that we weren’t even supposed to join the contest in the first place. Hahaha. 😀 We just started practicing last Wednesday. Come Thursday, our presentation was still shaky? hehe…suffice to say that we were NOT prepared for our Friday performance. Friday morining came, and the only remaining practice time we had was from 1pm to 4pm…3 measly hours to prepare for the presentation at 6pm. We had 3 rundowns, each time, clocking more than 15 minutes (the time limit, a point will be deducted for every minute in excess). We crammed-revised the script and had our last practice. 15 minutes before presentation time, no one was panicking, which was really weird. The other two classes, 2011 and 2009, were doing last minute rehearsals, while we, class 2010, were just relaxing…not even minding that our last practice didn’t really go that well, in other words, WE WERE NOT EXPECTING A WIN.

But we won. Hehe. 😀 So that makes the award extra special no?

As I’ve said before, the theme of the contest was about our college’s centennial celebration theme: 100 years of Heritage, Humanity, Healing and Heroism. Good thing my classmate Peter had a great idea…that we make play about a certain doctor who still has passion to serve others however dangerous his job may be. Who may this doctor be? Dr. Bobby de la Paz, of UP MED Class of 1976, a victim of Martial Law, killed at his clinic in Catbalogan, Samar — we were giving a tribute to him.

Peter integrated different commercials, made the first part of the script, and I continued writing. We agreed on the ending, that we have a flash presentation about Dr. Bobby, then do something dramatic. We pulled everything off SMOOTHLY. 😀

What did we exactly do? Here o:

Voice over: Taong 1982 nang mapaslang si Dr. Remberto “Bobby” de la Paz sa kanyang klinika sa Catbalogan, Samar sa pagsususpetsa sa kaniyang pagsuporta sa mga kumunista. Sa kabila ng panganib na kaakibat ng kanyang sitwasyon, pinili pa rin ni “Bobby” na magsilbi sa kanyang mga kababayan sa paghahangad na maibahagi ang kanyang kalinangan sa medisina para sa mga nangangailangan.

Hanggang ngayo’y hindi pa rin nabibigyan ng hustisya ang kanyang pagkamatay.

Ang paglilingkod sa bayan ay maituturing na isang dakilang gawain. Ngunit ang pagkakaroon ng puso sa paggawa nito ay mas dakila pa. Sa ating pagbabalik-tanaw sa ika-sandaang taon ng ating kolehiyo, nawa’y magsilbing inspirasyon at ehemplo ang kadakilaan at kabayanihan ni Bobby sa ating patuloy na pagsulong sa pinakamataas na antas ng medisina: ang paglilingkod sa mga nangangailangan, maging kapalit man nito ang ating buhay.

While the Flash presentation was running and with the lights off, our whole class went up the stage. As the ending of the presentation neared, the lights were slowly turned on, revealing ourselves, with our fists on our chests. We then said “Para kay Bobby”, then took a bow. Then finally, as we finished taking a bow, we all said, with conviction, “Para sa Bayan” with our fists held up high.

The head judge said we had IMPACT. O ha! :]

Fulfillment. That was what I felt yesternight. And it’s a really really reaaaalllyyyy good feeling to feel. SARAP. Alam mo yun? One of the natural highs! *LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG sigh with a weird smile on my face*

We celebrated our victory with a long night of Magic Singing at Gill’s place. It’s really fun to sing with your friends no? Hehe…hope ther’ll be more Videoke nights to come! Hahaha. Saya!

Why am I taking a break? Well, here’s my sked for next week, go figure:

Monday – Zoo lab exam (Chick embryo) —- who wud’ve thought you’d find something intresting in a chicken egg?

Tuesday – Zoo lec exam (Ectodermal, Mesodermal, Endodermal Derivatives) —- hay nako…magulo. nuff said.

Wednesday – STS Progress Report, IPC Reaction Paper —- grrr…I hate Wednesdays.

Thursday & Friday – FREE DAY! Pero hindi pa rin, kasi I’ll be spending the night siguro reading Biochem…kasi…

SATURDAY – 2nd Biochem Exam. Ang saya-saya!

PS. nasa Diliman kami kanina ng groupmates ko sa STS dahil nagreresearch kami for our paper…we realized kulang pala ang sources namin na makukuha kahit anong gawin namin, so we opted for something more concrete though BORING-er than our prvious topic (Female Beauty). Our new topic subject for approval is now GEOTHERMAL ENERGY in the PHILIPPINES. Kaduds, I know, pero magiging masaya ito dahil we’re planning to go to the MAK-BAN geothermal power plant and do Primary Source gathering there, a.k.a. ROAD TRIP! HAHAHAHA! 😀

yun lang. MAHABANG update, in preparation for a loooooongggg hiatus. PAALAM! See you next week, after this TOXIC week. :]

PPS. Kulet ko no? Hehehe. De, gusto ko lang batiin ang mga taong pinakamamahal ko, ang mga taong may pasimuno kung bakit ako nabuhay sa mundong ito. Ahahaha…


Yeeehhhaaawww!!! 😀