Naaawa ako sa mga dating subscribers ng SUN. Ngayon, habang sinisikap kong tumawag, hirap talagang kumonek. Pano na yung may mas importante pang pakay sa pagtawag kaysa sa pagtetelebabad? Kawawa naman…hehe.

Dapat magsikap na ang SUN na i-improve ang kanilang services ngayong nag-ooffer sila ng isang napaka irresistable na promo.

I went on “gimik”(s) last night. With whom? With my mom and ate. Wahaha! We watched Cabaret at the Music Museum. cabaret posterIt was the first time I’ve been there since forever! Damig bago (well, for me a, kasi nga the last time I’ve been to Greenhills was 4th year highschool)! May mini-mall na pala under dun sa n-storey na carpark. Amazing! Then I saw the moving people thing they put there under the big sign of Greenhills for christmas. My mom said that moving diorama-like attraction was originally set up at COD. She tells me that we used to go there every christmas…but the only thing I remeber about COD was that it was the place where I bought my very first KAB Scout uniform.

The musical was GREAAATT! It was actually my first time to watch a broadway-like presentation! I was amazed by how great the actors played their roles and how they sang effortlessly amidst their tiresome dancing! Grabee…if only these kinds of plays were more affordable. Sana there’d be more people to appreciate their craft. I mean, more Filipinos. Kasi naman no, nung nanood kami siguro half nung audience foreginers. Wala lang.

Pero ya know, it feels so good to feel “cultured” once in a while.


CABARET is one of the world’s most acclaimed and well loved musicals – with well loved songs such as Money Money, Willkommen, Cabaret, Maybe This Time and Mein Herr. This Oscar award winning musical also recently won a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical, Best Score, Best Direction, Best and Actress last 1999. The musical is based on Christopher Isherwood’s novel – “Goodbye to Berlin”.

The New Voice Company – now on its 10th year – promises a show that will redefine the potential of live theatre to mesmerize, transport, instruct and profoundly influence an audience. This revival is different in that the characters – young, old, straight, gay, bisexual and undecided – are allowed their sexuality. The musical juxtaposes two love stories – the landlady and her Jewish suitor, and Cliff and Sally – whose decent is chronicled by the emcee – the all-seeing theatrical dominance who defines the production.

The New Voice Company production boasts a stellar cast. Monique Wilson stars as Sally Bowles (a role originated by theatre great – Judi Dench, popularized in the film by Liza Minelli, and recently by Natasha Richardson on Broadway). Joining Monique is an incredible and powerful 21-strong cast which includes Michael Williams (as Clifford Bradshaw), Jamie Wilson (as the emcee), Joy Virata (as Fraulein Schneider), Leo Rialp and Bonggoy Manahan (alternating as Herr Schultz), Lynn Sherman (as Fraulein Kost), John Mulhall (as Ernst Ludwig), with Roselyn Perez, Tami Monsod, Jenny Jamora, Pheona Baranda, Amparo Sietereales, Lily Chu, April Celmar, Rona Lou San Pedro and Nikki Ventosa as the Kit Kat girls, and Joel Trinidad, Jake Macapagal, Amiel Mendoza and Elnard Arellano as the Kit Kat boys. The show also stars the popular Ugoy Ugoy band as the Kit Kat band.

CABARET explores Berlin’s seedy underworld, where audiences are transported to a decadent sub-culture, a raunchy night scene, where sexual depravity and moral despair reign. Critics have hailed this modern revival as “stunning”, “spellbinding” – a show that “generated the excitement of something brand new”.

After the musical, we went to Galle at Gasoline Alley to watch the benefit concert for Kythe Foundation, the foundation co-founded by my mom for her cancer patients. It was organized by the Kythe org in ARneo. I’ll keep na lang my negative comments to my own, baka ma-offend mga Arneans jan…bwahehehe. *smirks*

Many good bands played like 6cyclemind, imago, sandwich, plane divides the sky…but to hell, I missed them kasi nga we watched Cabaret. Sayang, I haven’t heard pa naman 6cyclemind live…When my mom and I got there, sum unknown rock band was about to play. The place was jampacked earlier according to Mela, who was there from the start. She was not able to join us in watching Cabaret because the musical was for adults only. The only bands that we were able to watch and listen to were Chicosci and Spongebobcola (my mom kept on repeating Spongebob, until I learned that she knew all along that it was Spongecola and was only joking around). I really don’t like Chicosci since they’re really loud and noisy and I don’t like screaming rockstars. Naiirita ako. I really don’t listen to Spongecola that often so I’m not really familiar with their songs. But I found them really funny when they performed their soundcheck. Yes. They performed their soundcheck by playing a short song with “soundcheck” being the only word in its lyrics. Nun lang ako nakarinig ng ganon…hehe. Ayus.

After Spongecola, alot of people left na rin. They were the second to the last band to play so I guess they were the only band the people at the bar have been waiting for. We left na rin.

And that ends my gimik night with my mom.

Wala lang, I just noticed that I’m using the word “ayus!” and “fark!” alot more often than usual these past few days. I’ve already dropped “wenk!” off my vocabulary. I dunno why, maybe there are less situations where I could use that word and I use ayus instead. Whatever.

NTK(nice to know): I use ayus when I’m overly amazed or excited about something. I usually prolong it to “AAAYUUUUUSSS!!!” and then I’d apir to whoever I’m talking to. I use fark in lieu of FUCK which i think is sooo overused. I still give off a few putang ina’s once in a while especially when I’m stressed and aggitated.

I actually suggested to make BLOGS our topic for our STS term paper. Well, I figured how blogs find their spot on society especailly for us students who vent our thoughts and opinions about anything on our own little nook in cyberspace. I mean blogs can be very influential lalo na if the blogger is really good in writing. And I thought that we could also tackle the problem with the reliability of the information taken from blogs or sumthing and then discuss why bloggers should be really responsible (supply-correct-preposition) what they write. (ha! as if…)

Pero naisip ko din na dapat sa Philippine setting, tas mahirap din makakuha ng resources about blogging and its societal effects. And then I gave up.

Pina-aapprove namin sa prof namin. He liked our topic, bago lang kasing technoligy so he wants some more information about it by making it our term paper. Pero ayun, just like us, he was also skeptical about the feasibility of our paper. So our group talked it over again and we settled with another intresting topic…HUMAN AESTHETICS. What really about it? The Implications and Applications of Science and Technology on Human Aesthetics. Sana ma-enjoy ko tong topic.

Hehehe…ayokong gumagawa ng sumthing pag di ako gaanong naeengganyo e. 😀

That’s it for now, till next updating…