wahehehe. nagbabasa ako ng mga dati kong posts ngayon at may mga nakita akong mga comments galing sa mga taong hindi ko kilala. share ko lang, nakakatawa e…

yuishades:ru the one who took those pictures save in pic.gall?..nonsense 2 ask but i really do like it very much..hope 2 save it too.know what…tis’upset to know that some people think that aegis revival song Isang Kahit Isang tuka find it to be …weird??!!siguro mayaman ka noh?but eventhough you might be a rich one i think may idea kana ang buhay ng isang mahirap ay talagang isang kahig paminsan-minsan..i’m not a fan of aegis but i’d like to thank them for reviving that kind of song na talagang realistic and hei their voice are powerful too…Newei.this is just a comment as it is…and wala lang …have fun in your life and hope that those things that are vague and weird for you may u find it great and wonderful and i know that you’ll do cuz you are such artistic …so long then…

kate espartinez: hello there! its me kate espartinez of legazpi ct.i just like u to know that u r so cool…i really love ur website…its gives me a complete idea of how one should live his life…not to be dissappointed of all the unexpected things or events that one has to go through but to consider what God has planned for us…thanks a lot and please stay cool!i do hope u could accept me as one of ur friend.

hehe. wala lang. naaliw lang ako at may mga taong napapadpad dito na di ko kilala tas nagco-comment. meron pang iba…di ko lang mahanap. ehehehe….

yun lang.

ps. lagay din kayo ng comments. wala lang. 🙂