Earthquake shakes Metro Manila, Luzon area –

Updated 04:04am (Mla

time) Sept 16, 2004

AN EARTHQUAKE shook metropolitan Manila

and the parts of the main Philippine island of Luzon early Thursday morning, the

Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) said.

There were no immediate reports of casualties or damages to property.

The quake, which occurred at 3:10 am Thursday and measured 6.2 on the

Richter scale at the epicenter recorded at the Manila trench near Balanga,

Bataan, was felt strongly across the metropolis and nearby provinces, PHIVOLCS


My roomates and I were still studying for our Physiology Lab exam tomorrow, err, today when the earthquake happened just an hour ago. Geesh. I was sitting on my chair, reading some notes and trying to comprehend the general mechanism of Insulin in our body when suddenly the my feet shook. Haha! My initial reaction was I was having involuntary muscle contractions again…BUT NO. I saw my roommates’ computer shaking hard…really hard when finally it dawned to me taht it WAS an EARTHQUAKE. Para kaming timang…well, actually ako, kasi I started to say, “Earthquake?” with a slight air of hesitation, not knowing what it really was until I finally blurted out and shouted “EARTHQUAKE” pointing to my roommate’s computer. Tas di ko alam kung anong gagawin ko, if I’ll follow ba what my elem teachers taught me…to go under my table…or deviate from what I’ve learned and be a pasaway and go out and see what’s really happening outside…I chose the latter…bwek bwke bwek! Ayun, pagtingin ko sa balcony namin, there were people standing on the side walks still stunned, I guess, to the seemingly long period of shaking unexpected from the grounds of busy Manila. I saw a man mimicking what had just happened, pointing to the still swaying electrical lines hanging between lightposts with his hips also swaying as if dancing to the tune of Pamela One. Needless to say, before I dosed off to dreamland again while studying for my exam, I was miraculously revived by a sudden jolt coming from the ground below. Thus, am still awake…alive and kicking sir/ma’am. Though I have a 7am class. *wink wink*