gawd. Imagine, I had to go back here in Manila yesterday after lunch instead of my usual after dinner travel from QC just to STUDY! Geeesshh…We had to make our Report pa kasi on Physiology, and since our group “karirs” every report, making our every report as fun and as student friendly as possible, we allotted 2:30 – 6:30 for our report. HAHAHA! HUWELL, di rin nasunod yung sched. We spent hanggang 8pm sa report (IMAGINE, 3:30 to 8, yun lang ang ginawa namin…and some tsismisan, and pizza, and reading, and what not…) and after that, we did na our DATA SHEETS for the same subject.

NAKAKAIRITA talaga…our prof SPECIFICALLY requested required us to write the data sheets MANUAL-friggin-LY! orr…we could use daw a type writer if we don;t want to write. Basta bawal computerized and she didn’t tell us her reason…sabi niya…SHE HAS HER REASONS daw…don’t worry, when shoe finally reveals her secret “reason”…I’ll write it here. bwahahaha!

So yun, I spent the rest of my Sunday evening copying answers and tables and figures from the buddy stuff (stuff-slash-trash-slash-scratch paper of our Intarmed upperclassmen…). Buti na lang may ganun, kundi we’ll have to research everything pa again just to answer the questions lang. Isipin nyo, yung mga tanong puro Explain why…Differentiate this from that…hay…my hand muscles were really worked out and tiredly enough…they went to sleep faster than my eyes nor my brain. HAHAHA! As in limp na yung fingers ko after writing on almost 5 pages of yellow pad. Geesh…

Ayun. Soon after I finished copying (ahem…not studying…mind you) I took a bath, and then started to review for our Physio exam today. I thought my brain was on a roll that night, and thought I was alive ang kicking…but as soon as I opened my notebook and started reading: “depolarzation occurs when Na+ ion gated channels open” I felt little elves pulling my eyelids down as I slid down the sofa with my notebook peacefully resting on top of my face. Again…I slept.

Buti na lang kasama ko si Maan na nagrereview at mya alarm clock ako everytime I fall asleep…pero mga 2:30 am na nun at di ko na nakayanan so…sabi ko matulog na lang muna kami at gumising ng 3am. So natulog kami. When 30 mins was up, our period of rest continued until the 30 mins became an hour…the 1 and a half hours. Hay…until ako, tuloy-tuloy na. Di ko na uli nabuksan yung notebook ko. Nakatulog na ako sa kama ko at naiwan si Maan sa sala nagrereview mag-isa.

Next thing I remember, waking up at 6:50, just in time for my 7am Physiology class. Ha. Turns out…napostpone ang physio exam namin to 1:00pm, during our lab class in physio. Hehe! I jumped for joy nun sa class! Hahaha! Thank you LORD! 😀 You saved me from flunking that quiz. (Ha! As if it would matter, yung quiz occupies an insignificant percentage ng grade lang e. :D)

So how did our report go? Well, yung visual aids na dapat ginawa namin kahapon, ginawa namin nung lunch time. Yung report mismo na dapat din ginawa na namin kahapon…ginawa namin habang nagrereport yung ibang groups. Yung discussion namin, though mejo may pagkabarbero…was enough to please the pahiya-hungry prof of ours sa ZOo lab (which consequently is our Zoo lec prof).

After all the hullaballoo kanina sa school, we needed time off from our toxic Monday…so kumain kami nina Maan at Sheng sa Chef sa Rob after dropping our things sa dorm. Then I bought two new shirts from penshoppe at isang bagong blue-green loofa (ahahaha…pati ba naman yun ishare). bwahahahaha!

Kaya ngayon, I’m feeling relaxed since wala naman kaming kailangan tomorrow. Owell…not until Friday, kung saan may HUM1 exam kami…at sa Sabado…ANG 2nd exam namin on Physics which covers almost 6 chapters ng Giancoli Physics. haaayy…Tas I have to read pa pala yung book report namin sa HUM 1 na super doopeer boringg…VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE.

I hope never kong maiisip na Gerald decides to die. *knocks on wood* 😀 joke lang yan, wag seryosohin. ;P