Zoo lec exam was fine. Good thing Maan and I brushed up ONLY our notebooks and did not spend too much time memorizing stuff from the book which our Lec prof did not even bother to mention. And what came out in the exam? Of course, only the things our lec prof discussed in class. Good teacher…good teacher. Hehehe…


Apparently, as if much requirement given to us by our HUM 2 prof wasn’t enough to satisfy her saddistic personality, we were required to watch Baby, a musical starred by Lea Salonga and Agot Isidro. Kanina yun, 2pm. So we went to Meralco Theater kanina and watched nga. Haaay…ewan ko. I felt that it was a total waste of time. I don’t know if it was our seats (which was the cheapest I think, P500, mahal pa rin nun no! I can buy na nga 2 shirts dun e! haaayy…) or my shivering caused by the most powerful air conditiner installed in the theater, which caused my irritation and annoyance (is there such a word?) towards the musical. I mean the story wasn’t even that good, it was about 3 couples and their dilemmas about having a…yeah, you guessed it, a BABY. Gawd. Pathetic. Honestly, I fell asleep in the middle of the first act…(see, told ya, must have’d inherited it from my mom. *smirk*)


My dad already picked up my things at the dorm before lunch so I went straight home after the Baby experience. As soon as I arrived here, I turned on my TV and watched the heating UP-FEU game! Hay….3rd quarter na naabutan ko and FEU had a 10 point lead. So ayun, bumaba muna ako to get some grub tas I glimpsed on one of the TV’s sa baba na 1 point na lang ang lead ng FEU! WAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWW!!!! Then suddenly I jumped as I held tightly to a bowl of cereals in one hand and making a punch-in-the-air move on the other upon seeing David’s 2 point shot swish on the net. YAY! 1 point lead for UP!!!! After that, I didn’t bother going up again to my room and finished the glorious game of UP and FEU on our sala TV. Wahehehe! 5th STRAIGHT win of my Maroons! Oh yeah! This deserves some blog cheering:



Walang takot…kahit kanino!


Ganyang kaming, mga TAGA-UP!