I now like Hum 1 better that Hum 2. HA! Imagine, we had a Filipino exam kanina on our supposedly English Hum1 class! YEaahh! I really like Filipino better than English. I express myself better in my native tongue, though sometimes I still get brain-tied when I encounter superdooper deep Tagalog words. So why am I blogging in English? So that I can hone my English skills more as it to come at par with my Filipino skills. Anyways, back to our exam, we were asked to identify symbolisms and other identifiable things in the poems which we discussed. At first, you’d think that the exam’s really easy, but noooo…there were some tricky questions and a lot of difficult q’s also.

Our exam had a fun part though…we were asked to complete a sheet of paper drawn with blank speech balloons and thought balloons according to the flow of the conversation of one of the poems we’ve studied. The poem really didn’t include the thoughts of the people talking so we had to supply the contents of the thought bubbles ourselves. I really had a fun time writing all the uhhmmss…ahhhss…and hmmmsss… in the thoughts of the two people talking to each other. Hahaha! Really brings out what you think the characters are thinking while delivering their given dialogue. πŸ˜€

We have a class presentation coming up for HUM2! A classmate of ours had already suggested what we’re going to do and has even brought a casette player ethis morning so that we can hear the musical she’s suggesting that we do. The musical is called Room 77 (or I Room 67, whatever, I wasn;t really intently listening anyway *smirk*). It’s about 4 classmates who ghet stuck at one room, Room 77, and they all meet Jesus there.

Geeeshhh…its not that I’m anti-religous or something, but I really hate the concept. Ewan, I don’t think that it would attract that much of an audience, and secondly, I don;t think that it is appealing at all. The reasons whay I think these still aren’t clear to me at all as of blog time. There are people who have the same sentiments as mine though…but in order to deflect this suggestion, we must come up with a counter proposal which we also, as of blog time, don’t have. 😦 Looks like we’ve lost, and that the class’ll be pushing through with Romm 77…Nevertheless, whatever the decision of the class’ll be, I’m in all out support for this project…GO INTARMED 2010! πŸ˜€

Just finished watching Ella Enchanted on DVD with Maan. πŸ˜› The movie wasn’t that good. As usual, after being acquianted with the smae-old-pattern found in all stories and narratives in HUM 1, the movie has become boring because you already know what’d happen. Sad, I know…Ignorance is really bliss. Nyahahaha! Anne Hathaway, though, is really beeeooootiiifooollll!! and her evil step sisters are so irritating! Geeshh! Especially the elder one…sarap suntukin! *evil laugh*

We don’t have IPC tomorrow! *jumps up and clicks heels* Yeahhh! Saya-saya!

But we do have PE class…*smile on face instantly melts away* I’m so tinatamad to play Phil games talaga! Nakakainis talga! Why pa kasi we only have three PE’s to choose from! It’s the fault talaga of Tita Pearl, the Student Records offcier at our college. Why pa kasi did she not let us pick our PE as blocks or as a class…Yan tuloy…our other blockmates got hiwalay with us, and the PE class we’ve chosen was like nawala or something like that. Gosh..I’m talking quite conyotic na a. Hahaha! well, this is sadya ya know, because I’d like to segue to the conyo queen…Miss Heart Evangelista! She’s the covergirl of Cosmo this month and good Lord almighty! She’s reaaallllyy hot!!! Especially her first pic in the article! Geeesshh…it made me melt like ice just seeing her chinky eyes, glossy lips, amd perfect nose. WAAAHHH! kill me now maan! Hahahah! πŸ˜€ But but but…what really turns me off is that she’s still used to the conyo langauge that even if the article is written in Third person and not in the interview transcription format, the article still sounded (and looked) like as if Heart wrote it herself with all the itlallicized Tagalog words interspersed (naks!) with the Englishity of the article. Wah. Nonetheless, she’s still my number one celebrity crush! πŸ˜›

I think I’ve gotten over with the phase I’ve been at yesterday…ha! I’m not considering shifting anymore. YEAH! It feels so good to finally verbalize it here! It was really just a phase, induced by the scientific burden often used in ZOOLOGY LABORATORY where you have to study during class hours beacause you’re studying the parts…and you can’t see what you’re studying if you postpone studying to sometime later because you haven’t seen it in the lab. Hay…Zoology is still my favoritest subject this sem. πŸ˜€ (yak! kesa naman Hum 1 or Hum 2 or Histo 5 or ORG chem or Physics no!!!)