gaaaaard! the most frustrating thing just happened this afternoon…

It was past 4pm and I was quietly studying Zoology in my room when suddenly I felt a sudden urge to turn my TV on. I remembered why…it was time for my routine watching of the UAAP games. It was UP vs La Salle, the two teams which I’ve been constantly rooting for. The former being my school, and the latter having been chosen over the TAEneans.



UP: 13

It was Marvin Cruz who was carrying the ball. He then made a pass to Toti Almeda. I was still in a state of shock when the scoreboard suddenly changed…


UP: 15

Hahaha! I was laughing really hard, recovering from the state I’ve been into for the last 30 seconds. Reality struck me: my Maroons are playing really well, they’ve a margin worthy of praise. For Pete’s sake, it was just 6 minutes off of the First Quarter. I speculated a bit, baka naman ngayon lang yang unang part, maya-maya mo yan, hahabol din ang LASOLL.

I watched intently, observing every moving greenshirt, and shouting at the unfeeling TV screen believing that the UP players would hear me. Haha! I watched the pass to Vicmel Epres, and his shot behind the rainbow…THREE POINTS! Vicmel Epres! As the ball once again neared UP’s goal, it again vehemently found its way to Epres’ hands…ANOTHER THREE POINTS FOR THE MAROONS! Soon after, the same person making the back to back three points for the Maroons again performed another miracle! Geeeshh, I thought, why now? Why not at the ARNEO game?


From 15…the score doubled to thirty…until it settled to 37 at the end of the Firt Half, leaving the Archers with a close 33 points.

At last, the UP Pep Squad experienced to perform first — for the first time in Season 67 of the UAAP, UP was leading at the end of the First Half. The Pep Squad performed a new routine! Yay! Yesternight, my brother, a Pep drummer, said that the basketball team appologized to them one training night since they (the pep squad) support the tema so hard though the team hasn’t won any game this season. I then thought, maybe that’s why they’ve been playing well this time, maybe they’ve kept their promise to the Pep and really took their losing streak seriously. *lol*

As the second half started, UP still kept its margin to LaSalle. And that margin grew up to 15 points, 56-41, UNTIL…Cardona and Yeo suddenly scored double two-pointers for Lasalle…thus diminishing the advantage to 11. AND that margin still grew smaller and smaller until the 3rd quarter ended with only 6 points separating Diliman from Taft.

The seats on the Philsports Arena were really hot, and I could feel the heat up to our house since ALL our TV’s were tuned in to Studio 23! Gaaad! UP blood really ran in our family’s. We even delayed our habitual spiritual activity until the game finished. *smirk*

So who won? Well, 6 minutes after the start of the fourth quarter, the lead was down to 2 points. Someone…I think Cardona, scored another basket TIE-ING the GAME!

I can’t believe what I’ve just seen. By this time, I came out of my room joining my mom and dad at the living room. SHIIIITT! I was cursing in front of my parents! *evil smile* It was a 50 seconds I think when Cervantes, from UP, made an inside hoop. That calmed me down. A foul was made and an Archer ( I can;t remember who) scored freethrow. The lead was down to one. HOWEVER, 20.1 seconds before the game ends, Casio smartly scored another one for the Archers, giving LaSalle a single point advantage!!! FUCKK! Ayon…of course, UP had ball possesion…I was at the same state of shock as I was at when I first turned my TV on.

I CANT BELIEVE THAT LASALLE, after playing so clumsily and loosely, CAN STILL HAVE A COME-BACK! GAAAAADDD…but they did.

UP’s play on that last 20 seconds was really dumb and unacceptable…to the point that they only made their offense at the lst 5 seconds, just to find out that they didn’t put the ball in the basket (it was blocked…by the board! *shakes head out of frustration*)

69-68. UP did not win.

I am really frustrated. After keeping my hopes up…after believing that UP will now have its first win during this season…after all the shouts and jumps and claps…UP’s fight has been lost.

The next time I watch a UP game, I won’t let my hopes get high too much…for this is the final time that i would feel fucking frustrated. >: