ha! after so many days of sleep deprivation, finally got plentiful shut-eyes for the last 2 days! hahaha! last night, bumagsak na lang kami bigla ng rommate ko sa mga kama namin, and fell asleep without even turning off the lights and brushing our teeth! nyahahaha! mga 11pm cguro yun kagabi. haaayy…then, kaninang hapon, since we din’t have zoo lab, my blockmates and I watched Catwoman (which sucked BIGTIME! don’t watch it!! promise!) and I fell asleep there as well! hahaha! And to further emphasize how tired I am of studying for the past weeks, when I got back to the dorm, I checked my email, then poof…back to dreamland again! Wahahahaha! I slept for like 5 hours, from 4pm to 9pm! hahaha! So ngayong gabi, bangag ako! Di ako makakatulog! WEeeeee! ok lang…sana naman no, nabawi ko na yung tulog ko (hehehe…di nga pala totoo yun, yung bawi-bawi…skl) 😀