ha! our chem exam got postponed to next week, which means…WE’RE FREE OF TESTS whatsoever this weekend! yahooooooo!!!! sarap sarap ng buhay. and tomorrow, half day lang kami kasi wala kaming zoo lab sa hapon! yeaaaahhhhh!!! 🙂 sana ganun na lang lagi.

ok, i’m too tired to blog about what happened to me for the last two days. to sum it all up, I was STUDYING ok? there. yun naman ang trabaho ko ngayon e, mag-aral. hehe…so eto, photo muna ang blog ko. yeah…

whattababe! ganda no? believe it or not, HE is FRANCIS, our LadyMED contestant this year! hahaha! 😀 yep, he’s a HE!