disclaimer: the author has finally unleashed his dorky persona in the following entry…beware.

what a weekend. giaad! havent had the slightest time to even open my laptop and tinker with it or blog something unimportant. i was sick, as in super duper sick. last friday, i skipped my morning classes coz my head was spinning round and round (haha! parang galing ata sa kanta yun). Thursday evening, i started to feel reaaallly sick. Natulog na nga lang ako e, at di na nakapagaral para sa test namin kanina. Then I blogged nun when I woke up ng mga 11pm, feeling really tired and dizzy and vomitty, tapos nun, tumanga na lang ako at natulog uli. Nagising ako ng mga 3am na, namawis na ako, nagbasa ako ng isang chapter sa Zoo book, at natulog ng 4am. And then Friday morning came, I woke up around 6am, as I was getting out of bed, my head suddenly felt heavy like stone..no, metal, and literally fell back on my bed. Eventhough my whole body wants to get up and get ready already, my head just wouldn’t budge and cooperate. So there, I traded 4 hours of more sleep for boring lectures (which I REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY LOOOOVEEEEE! *hirap tlga ng sarcasm dito sa net*).

After my sleep, everything seemed blurry. As I checked my tempretaure, I found out that my mild sinat transformed into a monstrous lagnat! (from 37.7 to 38.8 C) hayy…Ngayon lang kaya ako nagkaganito! So I was getting kinda worried na rin nun, kasi I had too much things to do pa! I have to cram for our Zoo lec exam, and Zoo lab quiz, buy a gift for Odelle, know what I’m gonna wear on Saturday, memorize all the bones of cats, identify major bones of chickens and turtles, and much more! Relieved to know that We had our afternoon classes cancelled, punta kaming Rob nina Maan at Sheng, nagshopping, (haha! tatag no? kahit may sakit?) hahaha! at umuwi na rin ako ng mga 5pm sa QC. It was raining. It was also Friday. It was 5 in the afternoon. And we all know that these three things don’t go together very well ryt? Ha! So I spent almost 2 hours in the car…SLEEPING! hehehe…

What did I do when I arrived at home? What else, my favoritest thing to do: SLEEP! hehehe…twas so nice! Di ko na inisip na di ako makakapag aral, by then, I made myself accept the fact that my health is really much important than studies. My mother checked me up, and her diagnosis: Acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Buti na lang daw at uminom na ako ng antibiotics since Thursday kasi kung hindi, mas lalala pa raw yung sakit ko. *whew!*

I woke up really early Saturday morning, feeling much better, to drive back to Manila for we have a fieldtrip to Angono, Rizal ofr our HUM2 class. I’ll blog another entry about our EVENTFUL fieldtrip. After our trip, I scurried to Odelle’s debut in QC, ate, had fun, and enjoyed, went home übertired so I slept earlY, and PROMISED myself that I’ll wake up really early, like 6am the following day so that I can study well for my Monday exam. But of course, some promises are made to be broken…

My Sunday started at 11:30am! Gaaaaadddd!!!! Still had 6 chapters up my sleeve and more than a hundred bone parts to remeber! Nakakatawa akong tignan sa kwarto ko nun, as in di mapakali kasi nagpapanic ako! hahaha! geezzz…I was like Shit…SHIT…SHIIIIIITT!!!! and tanga tanaga mo GERALD! Bat di ka nagising! Bat kasi di ka nagpagising! Andami mo pang aaralin! Tanga ka talaga! Hahahaha! Nagmomonologue ako dun. Bow.

Nagpahatid tuloy ako agad sa dorm ng maaga, as in 2:30, so that I can really study seriously and whole-heartedly. Pucha…seriouso ata to! Zoology is 5 units! Considered siya as Major ng Intarmed, (Since wala naman talaga kaming majors sa first two years namin kasi di pa kami meD PROPER) so kailangang pagbutihin. Aaaannddd, I really like studying Zoo kasi nakikita ko yung relevance nya sa buhay unlike mAth! nyaaarr!

Finished studying everything mga 3:30 na kaninang umaga and I slept around 4am. Imagine, 7am ang test namin kanina, woke up at 6, only had at least 2 hours of sleep, NGARAG talaga ako. Ok naman yung test, tricky yung iba, dapat talaga nag-aral ka. I Would’ve done a much better job on the test if I listened more carefully sa lecture. Pero who cares, the important thing is that I’ve learbed something. Hehehe…dami ko kayang natutunan. 😛

And not until our lucnhbreak did I have the time to open my laptop and do my overdue internet chores. Found out that I have at least 10 friendster messgaes from 10 different people (who’re all strangers to me) asking me to add them as my friend. *naks!* Had 30 unread emails, inlcuding 3 bulk messages, reducing the legit emails to 27. Found out that my blog counter had reached 1990 already, meaning to say that 10 more visits, this blog’ll reach the 2,000 mark in just 3 months. hehe. 😀 *thanks.*

There, I think I’ve covered everything which I’ve failed to write for the past days. 😀


rald: now happy that zoo lec exam is over…coming up next: PHYSICS!