what supposed to be an hour’s sleep became 1 1/2, then 2…then 3! hahahaha! gawd! hahaha! kaya ngayn, nagcacram ako for my test on histo 5 mamaya (since 1am na) hahaha! i cant sleep now, since i already (accidentaly) slept for 3 hours kanina. I’m supposed to study histo 5 and zoo lec tonight, but noooo….what did i do? I SLEPT. hahaha! 😀 and now, i’m blogging. whhooopdidoo! nah…I’m only taking a break from the medical stuff for histo 5. Am busy now studying the history of medicine! hahahaha!

Here are some intresting stuff I learned from our 3 unit class:

1. Indians believed that the body is composed of 3 elements: PHLEGM, AIR and BILE.

2. Early Sumerians conjured up a cure called poultice, made up of plant resin and animal fat. *eeewww…*

3. Ironically, although Egyptians depended on the River Nile for their living, they DO NOT eat fish.

4. Fidelity is one of Confucianism’s 5 basic virtues. (HA! But how come Chinese emperors have concubines?)

5. Ginseng is considered the most important herb in Chinese medicine.

6. Early Greeks believed that by sleeping on the foot of a statue of Apollo, they can be cured from their disease.

7. The fisrt doctors were Roman soldiers who were tasked to heal the Roman armies.

8. St. Jerome, a Catholic priest, said that taking a bath wasn’t necessary since Baptism already cleanses your soul.

9. The Tagalog term for Hives is Tagulabay, and for Sacbies is Agihap.

10. There are differences among witchcrat, sorcery, enchantment, incantations, and spells.

haha! Tama bang gawing notebook tong blog? hahahaha!