ok, its late night again, no correction, early morning ;), and i just finished writing my Hum1 paper. (The paper was supposedly due last Tuesday but for some lucky reason, our class got cancelled! haha!) Have nothing to blog about right nothing. Not much of importance actually. I would just like to announce that we’ve finally skinned Halle Berry to her muscles! nyanya. btw, Halle is our Zoo Lab cat. *smirk* Hey! It turns out she really was pregnant! As we skinned her, we found her mammary glands (yeah, her breasts) swollen. Then, when we tried to cut it so that we can continue skinning other parts of her body, milk ooooozzzzeeeddddd from the glands! yeah! hahaha! Freaky no?

There, I think I’ll be preoccupied with Zoo anatomy for the following two weeks. We just started memorizing cat skeleton parts yesterday. And then we’ll continue with the cat dissection on Thursday next week. Gee whiz! I CANT WAIT FOR OUR HUMAN CADAVER! *sarcastic*

I really hate studyingggggg….

rald>>>finding it hard to tell the difference between a prezygapophyses and a postzygapophyses.