so kanina, anong meron? nagtest nga kami, tas we were bored to death nung Histo 5 while the monotonous voice of our prof resonated in our ears. tas ayun, since it’s tuesday…its time for our 6-hour break! yeah! hehehe…didn;t get to sleep though…kasi Maan and I cooled lunch kanina, tas we ate, the did our HUM1 assignment. Ano yun? We were asked to ‘tweak’ a fairy tale of our choice by narrating it through a different characters’ perspective. What Maan and I did was the story of Little Red Riding hood through Granny’s point-of-view. Hahaha! wala lang, nakakatawa kasi yung ginawa namin e! Ginawa naming geriatophylle si wolf, kaya nya gustong kainin si Granny! hahahaha! If you got time to spare, click here, to read on.

ayun, tas inayos ko na rin yung line-up ng Intarmed for the HiMEDsikan, the year-long sportsfest of the College of Medicine. πŸ™‚ tapos nun, pumasok ako sa HUM1, and now. nandito na ako sa dorm! yey! πŸ˜€ hehehee…nanonood ng Victim extreme while pathetically updating my rejected blog. teaars…

ok..till further updating! ciao!