ok naman araw ko ngayon, nakakaantok, pero ok. cge, here goes:

Bio 25 lec: this course was formerlly known as zoology 20 but for the sake of standardized education in the whole university (since there’s no Zoology course found anywhere else in the university, only Bio courses, the subject was given a new name…i think) Structure and Function of Vertebrates. so there, we had our dose of different structures, and their functions, of the early vertebrates as well as their distant and close relataives’. Dahil 7 am nagsastart yung class, naantok tlga ako. AAATTTT…sa Old building kami ng COllege of Dentistry nagcaclass since ginagawa pa yung 3rd floor ng AS. E ang pangit dun! Puro agiw, lamok, spiders, at kung anu-ano pang creepy crawlers na nandun, the best place to study Entomology I say! So half the time na nandun ako, I spent on patting my itchy legs kasi may mga dumadapong lamok. Haayy dengueeee….layuan mo akooo! @_@ Nagquiz kami, got a fairly high grade. Buti naman, nag-aral naman ako e. Hehehe…but who cares, quiz lang yun no.

HUM 2: Ok, this was sumkinda laughtrip agen, kasi kamukha ng prof namin si Aiai delas Alas!!! hahahaha! tas nahihirapan din ako sa pagsasalita nya, kasi she speaks sooooo fast and pauses so little. so ayun, para siyang laging pagod. We later found out that she graduated from UP Diliman, having a BA Pre-med course (at that time, that was the counterpart of Intarmed).She majored in Humanities. Although she qualified to go to a med school, she decided to teach Art Studies instead, and until now, she’s an Art Studies professor. hehehe. She told us different perks of being a Humanities prof, like going to Italy in an all-expenses-paid trip just to attend a conference on art blah blah. hehehe. nice no? Tas ayun, we discussed what the humanities are, and interpreted different art works na rin in the process like this one poem “The Swan and the Shadow” and Michaelangelo’s “David”. Hehehe…wala lang…I think we’ll become artsy fartsy people by the end of this semester! Gaaaaddd… ๐Ÿ˜€

Physics 51: Ok…I THOUGHT *note: past-tense* this subject would be very fun, but after our prof’sfirst lecture….GAAAWDDD! He really turned my Physic’s loving personality off! Pano ba naman, he discussed everything BY THE BOOK! Ahem…ahem…by GIANCOLLI’s Physics book by the way. AS IN WORD PER WORD…TOPIC HEADING BY TOPIC HEADING. Leche! I don;t know why I was so pissed off with that way of teaching. I mean, diba, mas magiging madali nga naman ang pag-aaral kung ganun,n kung di nagdedepart from the book yung lessons, pero GAD! I came from UP since Kinder, at NEVER. I MEAN NEVER kaming nagkaroon ng subject na BY the book! We never had textbooks to follow, unlike other schools which have their prescribed textbooks to follow and all. Kami wala! As in kanya-kanyang aral, at ang mga teachers, kanya-kanyang turo! Shiat. Dito sa Physics class na to, parang spoon-feeding lang e…IS THSI WHAT UP EDUCATION HAS BECOME? gawd. On a lighter note: Funny yung prof namin. ๐Ÿ˜› He’a a bit effem, but that’s olrayt, he’s funny naman e. ๐Ÿ˜€

LUNCH: Bumalik kami ni Maan sa dorm since wala na nga kaming pera! I had canned tuna for lunch and the delicioso chocolate cake from Figarro for desert! hehe. Then, we met up with our blockmates sa Rob tas headed back to AS for our Bio 25 lab class.

Bio 25 lab: SHIAAATTT!!! We were all sweating like pigs sa sobrang init sa GAB roofdeck. *an other frigging effect of the misscheduled renovation of Rizal Hall* We had our mini-practical-exam-slash-quiz and I had 9 out of 10 correct answers! Yeah, not bad. Hehehe…we were asked to identify parts of the organisms under the microscope…TRAINING YUN FOR MED! ๐Ÿ˜€ naks! (Zoo tlga isa sa favorite subjects ko kasi at least may katuturan sa patutunguhan ko sa buhay diba? Unlike math!!!! GAAAD SAn ko naman gagamitin yun sa pagdodoctor diba???) Ayun, after the quiz, we drew agen and agen and agen! Seee…we’re really going to become arteeeesssttss by the end of the sem! hahahaha! We drew on our drawing books different kinds of vertebrates (dog-fish, frog, turtle, lizard, fish, musang, bird). Hahahaha! What’s nice is that our Prof actually gives minuses to people who draw too well! HAHAHAHAHAH! Funny no? Why? Kasi gusto nya mabilis ang pagguhit, hindi mabagal. Basta kita na yung kailangang i-identify, oks na yun! Di kailangan maganda! QUANTITY OVER QUALITY. Ayus no? hahahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜€

UWIAN NA! ok, pag-uwi ko sa dorm, I took a bath, got ready to go to ROB, did some internet errands, almost fell asleep…but because my impatient stomach kept grumbling and grumbling since Bio class, I ate sticko’s! ahaha! wala lng.

Pumunta kami ni Maan at Sheng sa Rob para ipaayos yung laptop ni Maan. Pagdating namin sa Computer shop, hehehe…ayaw ipalabas yung laptop kasi bawal pala tlga sakinilang magpaayos. Sideline lang tlga nila yun. So ayun, mamaya, punta ata sila dito sa dorm para tignan yung sira.

Ok, there…i think that’s about it. We have a quiz on HUM 1 tomorrow, about the different myths in the world. Hehehe…tagal pa naman nun e. bukas na lang. wahehehehe! ๐Ÿ˜›

rald: tinatamad na namang mag-aral…