okay…what happened to me today? i slept early last night, around 12 mn, and i woke up today at 11! 11 HOURS OF SLEEP?!! hahahah! ok, not bad for a sleep deprived person like me…went to school for IPC and PE. came back to the dorm, photocopied the comparative anatomy atlas, finished my Amphioxus (Brachistoma) and Sea-squirt masterpieces, labeled the parts and studied for the quizes (lab and lec) of Bio 25 (the-subject-fromerly-knonwn-as-Zoo20). Gaaaaawwwdd!

And it hits me…shiat! Its all coming back now…late night studying, cramming for tests on Zoo and Chem (and Physics), memorizing parts and finctions, structures of friggin wachamacalit-ENES. Well, this is part of the IMED life…why bother rant ryt?

ok fiiiiaaannneeeee….

later. gotta sleep.

gunayt blog!