nakakabagot tong araw na to. poonyeta. i woke up really early just not to be late for my 7am class. tas i feel really pissed off kanina, grabe…wag nyo akong kakausapin pag umaga, tas pangit ang gising ko…i can be a real pain in the asssss. as in. kaya ayun, nung break namin, i slept.


and guess what?! hahaha! i dreamt! hahahaha! and i still remember parts of my dream! ang freaky actually, no…weird pala. ganito yun, i was driving with a friend of mine from highschool tas nagpark daw ako sa sumwhere sa may Tandang Sora kasi may play daw kaming papanoorin dun. So ayun, if you don’t know, Tandang Sora is a busy street/avenue/whatever sa QC. So ayun, pagpasok ko sa theater na super luma na, i found out na yung mga nasa cast pala ay mga friends ko! hahahaha!!!! nakakatawa! like, maan was going to sing with sum of my friends din, tas parang musical siya! hahaha! then my imed friends were dancing on stage while i was entering the theater! hahahahaha!!! bsta, yun. di ko na maalal yung iba pang details e. natapos din yung play, tas when i went back to my car, pagkakita ko, may nakalapag na car door ng car ko sa ground. so i panicked kaagad and checked all the car doors of my car. pero narealize ko, iba na yung roof nung car na tinitignan ko. tas iba na rin yung hood! bsta! pero same interiors pa rin nung car ko talaga! as in same seats, same radio, dashboard…iba nga lang yung roof at hood nga. tas, when i checked the door of the front passenger, may nakita akong metal plate na nakasulat 4×4 bsta, suuuper nawiwindang na ako nun! hahahaha! my conclusion then was: SOMEONE/SOMEPEOPLE STOLE THE ROOF AND HOOD OF MY CAR AND REPLACED IT WITH SUM CHEAPER ONES… tas ginatungan ko pa ng: TAPOS, TINRY DIN NYANG PALITAN UNG DOORS PERO BAKA DI NA NYA NAKAYANANG DALIN, SO NAIWAN NYA YUNG ORIGINAL DOOR SA GROUND. so there, i was hysterical and all, nagwawala na ako dun! hahahaha! tas i decided to call my father. tas when i was about to dial his number on my cell, he appeared out of nowhere! hahahaha! *tis funny talaga when i recall my dream* then he asked me, “May napapansin ka bang bago?” When i was about to explain to him what just happened, he just blurted out, “Pinalitan ko yung door! bwahahahahaha!!!!” tas ayun! NAGISING na ako!!! hahahaha! the last memory form my dream was that of my father’s guffaws! hahahahahahahaha!!!! Ang weird talaga!!! ngayon, alam nyo na kung hanggang saan pwedeng umabot imagination ko! hahahahahaha!!!! but i’m telling you, i’ve heard much weirder dreams! *paging Ms. Tan!* hahahahaha! 😀

bsta, super duper hilarious talaga that i cant stop smiling and laughing when i try to recall this dream kanina! hahahhaha! para akong timang, paggising ko from this dream, tumawa ako agad! hahaha!

ayun, so pumasok uli ako fir my 1pm class. as usual, wala pa yung prof namin sa Physics Lab, so tumambay muna kami sa mcdo sa rob. i bought notebooks for chem and physics and a mechanical pencil for answering crosswords! hahaha! di ko pa pala nalalagay dito, un na pala bago kong pass-time! hahahahaha! answering crosswords! i know it sounds reaallly reallly dorky, pero ang fun kaya! lalo na kapag nakukumpleto mo yung crossword! hehehe! ull feel super smart tlga! yey! CLAP CLAP CLAP! tas its more fun if you answer it in teams or in pairs para tulungan kayo! once, i answered one with my friend and we don’t know the anwer in one number, tas we ended up with words like EOTS and HOMTY which of course do not exist. They were supposed to be DOTS and HOMEY! hahahahaha!!! ang funne kaya. o well, bsta. try to find a crossword puzzle book sa booksale. it costs around 50 bucks, and contains mga 100+ puzzles, and can entertain you whenever you don’t have anything to do! 😀

we had HUM 1 tho, and we had an activity! btw, our prof reaaly looks like Angelu de Leon! Grabe! as in kamukha talga! kasing katawan, di siguro. mjo mas chubby yung prof namin, siguro nung buntis si angelu, kamukha nya! hahahahaha! tas our prof also has this TWAAEEENNGGG. pronounces English words differently, unlike other English professors! di naman siguro mali, different lang. nakakapagod din siya magsalita kasi when she looks for a word, she doesn’t use ‘ummmmms’ and ‘aaahhhsss’ instead, she prolongs the last syllable of the last word she just said and the continues at a steady pace with the rest of her sentence. bsta…nahihirapan ako sa kanya….tas she speaks din with this deep voice, which makes her sound like some wannabe-dj. hehehe…she seems fun and kind, but i don;t know…not all first impressions last. 😀 hehehehe…

ayun, after Hum class, i proxied for the co-head of the Sports committee for the Execom meeting of the medicine student council. I stayed there till 720, met with my ate at Rob, got my things at the dorm and we went home.

ok, its a weekend once more. and i’m here again on my bed, in my beloved room. my room was anted and is being anted. as in different sizes of ants are now crawling everywhere here. pano ba naman kasi, i forgot that i left sum sweets dito sa kwarto when i left last week, ayun, the smart ants found their way to the sweets (as they always do) at ayun, nagkalat na sila dito. haaay…. so everynoandthen (hehehe..isang word na lang yan, hangkyut e), i get these tingling feelings on different parts of my body, signaling the presence of a tiny insect crawling on me. (pangit ata pakinggan yun)

hahaha! anghaba nito infairness a! hahaha! i started writing arnd 11:55 at 12:45 na! exoj! 50 minutes ko tong sinulat. well, i guess its worth it din naman. so ayun…baka matulog na rin ako maya-maya…i’ll be continuing my inet-capades tomorrow! 😀

goodnoght again.