ok, 2 of my friends and I went to Recto kanina to buy used textbooks! hahahaha! ang galing nga e, super saya! adventure talaga! we got to haggle with a lot of vendors and i got to practice my ay-mas-mura-dun-sa-kabila-dun-na-lang-ako-bili-tapos-habol-sakin charm in lowering the prices of what i buy. 😀 hehehehe!

I bought 3 books, Organic Chemistry by Syliangco, Comparative Anatomy of Vertabrates by Kent, and Hyman’s Comparative Vertabrate Anatomy. The cummulative cost of these books should be aroung P800-P900 if i bought them from National or sumthing.But since my room mate gave me a tip and said that i can buy the books half the price in Recto, punta naman kami dun! hahahaha! So there, I got to buy my books in less than P500, actually, including the jeepney fare and all, the total cost of my books is P430! galing no? Actually, I don’t really care whther the books are brand new or not, the important thing is that they are readable and that I’ve the assurance that they will not disintegrate when I turn their pages sa sobrang luma na! hahahaha! Andami ngang books na mabibili dun sa Recto e, mga secind hand textbooks, especially books that we’ve already used during the past year, nandun lahat! Grabe nga e, nakakapanghinayang isipin na binili mo yung mga books mo last year nang brand new pero pwede ka namang bumili ng same books sa Recto at half the price. 😀 Actually its not against intellectual property right or anything din diba? And practical nga e, instead of leaving your old used books to rot in your bodega, might as well sell it to the people who need the same books diba. 😀 Ok, I’m not making any sense ryt now, hehehe…pagbigyan. 😀

Basta, the next time i need to buy another text book or sumthing, the first thing i’ll do is ride a jeep to Recto and find the book there. it’ll only cost me 4 bucks…and a lot of haggling skills. 😛