gaaddd!! daming tao kanina sa metroeast! all to watch movies! haaayyy….

nagkayayaan kanina yung family na manood ng troy sa metroeast. well, being a moviebuff *haha! feeling* and all, shempre, napanood ko na yun, so i opted to watch another movie which i havent watched yet..chenen: SHREK 2! Sabi kasi ng classmate ko, ok daw, funny and all. o kaya naman All my Life (sabi kasi ok yung kwento e, may twist daw sa dulo *nyinyi, what a spoiler!*) But when i saw how long the queue for Shrek was…gadd! i immediately turned to the booth of All My Life (the move of Aga and Kristine Hermosa) which, to my dismay, had a longer line!!!! shiaaatt!!! gusto ko pa naman sanang panoorin yun…o well, it must be a sign form up above na its not yet time for me to watch those movie, na i can enjoy watching them (Shrek and All My Life) more if i’m with my special sumone *wink wink* hahahahaha! maybe sa pasukan na lang. 😀

so i ended up having a second dose of Helen, Princess of Troy and the shinanigans of Achilles.

grabe, can’t believe that i convinced myself to watching a movie alone!!! *paging mr. tacang!!* hahahaha!

ayun…wala lang. chigee…have to sleep…

REGISTRATION NA BUKAAAASSSS!!!! SHiiattt!!! I hate it when registration comes. It heralds something reaalllyyy baadddd: “ENTER, SCHOOL WORK, STRESS AND SLEEP DEPRIVATION. BREAK TIME and FUN, OVER AND OUT”