hahaha! a friend of mine emailed sumthing i would lyk to share to you guys! grabe! ang gaganda ng points nya…hahaha! sabi nya, wala daw cyang blog so sa email na lang nya ibubuhos ang lahat ng nararamdaman nya! hahahah!!! here goes…

i knowwwww! i rlly rlly need to say this [for my sanity!]. it’s rather lengthy, and come to think of it, boring as hell, and who the fuck cares, but im too lazy to start my own blog, and there’s something about writing about myself day after day after day that’s deeply unsettling to me, so id rather do it this way

first off: bakit ang daming sinasabi ng party ni bro.eddie tungkol sa dayaan, failure of elections, etc? well no shit, we all want clean elections right?but the fact is that its never gonna happen. at kahit na bumoto para sa kanya ung mga hindi nakaboto [yeah right, in his dreams!], hindi pa rin sha mananalo! the truth is that it’s a popularity contest and ppl dont want some person who came out of nowhere to be the president! if he rlly rlly rlly wants to hold office, sana man lang nagstart sha as mayor or sumthn, just to prove his worth in politics. same goes for fpj. i think bro.eddie is the closest one we’ve got to a saint in this election, why would he want to ruin that by getting involved in politics?!? lahat ata ng pumapasok sa pulitika nagiging dishonest and corrupt somehow. at isa pa, if he really wants to do this place some good, he can find other ways naman e. i think mas effective sha na leader kung hindi sha president. and besides, there’s more to the goddamn government than the presidency!! hindi porket nakaupo ka na dun, mababago mo lahat! sa sobrang bulok ng system natin, kahit sino naman ata ang nakaupo, wla pa ring magandang mangyayari…

bakit feeling ni gma panalo na sha, eh hindi pa nga tapos bilangan?this is just stupid.

bakit nagrereklamo na si fpj na dinaya sha, eh hindi pa nga tapos bilangan? even more stupid.

bakit ang daming sinasabi ni bro.eddie tungkol sa “truth.the real truth.” eh feeling ko naman kahit anong result ng election hindi nila tatanggapin as the truth except kung sila ang panalo!

sa pilipinas, wla naman natatalo sa election eh- may isang panalo, all the rest “dinaya”. it’s fucking ridiculous.

of course, hindi rin magtatagal ung nanalo cos we all know that once you’re president, every other politician will dutifully try to knock u off ur seat. it’s a fun game, really.

and since wla naman talagang malinis na tao, evryone should just quit the “ALWAYS-honest-NEVER-corrupt” bullshit cos it doesn’t fucking work, ok?

im done. for now. hehe. this used to be more coherent and organized but since the computer decided to shut itself off for one second [im not kidding, 1 second lang tlga] so all my rantings would be erased, this was what i came up with. this version is more reader-friendly though, 3/4 as long and just half as many cuss words [because a lot of negative feelings were already diffused in the original. writing is therapeutic, really.]

tama nga naman cya dba? hehehe! šŸ˜€ haayy…pulitika talaga…