kanina, nasa bahay kami ng lola ko, and i was reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Yun yung prequel ng Da Vinci Code. E yung side na yun ng relatives ko, suuuper duuuper religious and all. When I was reading nga, all of a sudden one of my tito’s asked what I was reading. Tas sabi ko nga yung prequel ng Da vinci Code. Ayan, sabi nya “That’s totally a waste of time! That blasphemous! You shouldn’t read that! Blah blah blah blah…” Siyempre, I was taken aback! Pucha…I consider the Da Vinci Code as one of my favorite books, you know, one of the few books which I really enjoyed reading, then all of a sudden here comes my tito saying to me that my fovorite book is trash! Gaaaddd… ayun, sabi ko na lang to end the conversation (and to resume my reading) “It all depends naman on how the reader takes it e.” Parang if you believe what the book is trying to say, then it’s YOUR choice. If you want to just shrug it off, edi fine. Diba? Kaya ayun, with that, the converstaion ended.

In realtion to that, I want to share somthing from Angels and Demons:

Religion is like a language or dress. We gravitate toward the practices with which we were raised. In the end, though, we are all proclaiming the same thing. That life has meaning. That we are grateful for the power that created us.

Wala lang. That just reflected my belief: that relgions are just facades. That it doesn;t really matter to which religion you believe in or belong to. Najan sila para lang may matatakbuhan tayo when we need refuge and answers.

Really, I’m not a Catholic, I consider myself a Christian. I believe in Jesus’ teachings but not in the Catholic traditions. Although I was raised as a Catholic, after thinking things over, after realizing that I haven;t been really true to the Catholic church; that some of the things that I believe in are against the Catholic teachings. Bsata, mahirap iexplain. I still attend masses though, but unusually for Catholics, I think first before accepting what the priest just told the whole congreagation. Dati, like 3 years ago, I stopperd listeming to the Homily part because I thought that just by listening to the preists’ sermons, I’ll become disillusioned again and revert back to Catholicism. But now, I try to listen to what they say (kasi unfair naman diba?) and then think about what I’ll accept as true or what I’ll discard as false. I now make it to a point to listen to the readings and the gospels and then think about what the Bible is trying to say. Kasi minsan, nasa priests or clergy or Catholics yung problem e…kung pano nila iniinterpret yung Bible. For me…mas gusto kong ako na lang yung magapply kung ano mang napick up ko from the Bible sa buhay ko. ayun.

hahaha! this post has become too religious and serious na no? owell…havn’t blogged for a while so now i’m pouring all my stored thoughts here!