ha! We don;t have Stat Lec today! But of course, I still have to study coz we have Math 101 Lab midterms tomorrow!!! GAAAADDDD!!!! Hirap kaya! Di ko pa rin magrasp yung idea ng probability, permutations and combinations…haaayyy…

hehe, funny, sum1 added me to his friendster acct and i accepted his invyt thinking that he was my batchmate kasi i recognized his surname. BUT NO! when I looked at his pics and his profile, I DON’t KNOW the GUY! hahahahahah! o well, pampadagdag din sa friends. dami kayang ganun, nagpapaadd, di mo naman kilala. haahahahaa! And i add them naman. Wala lang, just for kicks. 😛

okei..cge un lang muna. Can;t remember anything substantial to post now….

till then.