Hey!!! Grabeee….I am currently reading D Vinci’s Code rrayt? Well, if ur not following my entries, I am. I just wanna share that I am really bothered about what the book’s claiming!!! Geeessshhh…


If you haven’t read the book yet and you don’t want me to spoil ur reading pleasure when you eventually read it,STOP READING THIS!

But if you’re curious about what the book might have to offer…wel ok, READ ON! But beware…the following information might bite.

Grabeee!!!! The book, a fiction at that, is claiming that Jesus is not divine….yes…How did they support it? Eto, kwento ko…

Two centuries after Jesus’ death, the roman empire was composed of 2 dominant, conflicting and fighting religions/beliefs: Christian and Pagan beliefs. Constantine, the Roman Emperor then, was really a pagan (contrary to popular belief). However, since Christianity was gaining more support, and that the empire was prone to division if the religious conflicts continued, Constantine, thinking solely about political reasons, then imposed that Christianity be the official religion of the entire empire. Pagans were then persecuted after that. Well, by being a pagan at heart, Constantine did not let the pagan beliefs die…so he tried to inculcate and integrate pagan rituals to Christian beliefs. For example, early Christians followed the Jewish day of Sabath as their day for worship and rest. That was supposed to be on Saturdays, right? Well then how come we Christians now attend worship services during Sundays?? Its because Constantine moved the Sabath day to coincide with the worship day of pagans to their Sun god…hence…Sunday. Gets??

Ayun….then, to further strengthen the integration between Christianity ang pagan belief, a council was organized and there, different Christian traditions and primary beliefs were made official like the celebration of Easter, Christmas, Holyweek, etc etc…these of course all coincided with the different existing rituals and traditions of pagans! Sheeeshhh…and we all thought that Jesus was really born on December 25….

Well, in that same Council, the question about the true nature of Christ was decided upon! Owwwwwkaaayyy…wait a minute you say….Yes. Christ was not considered the SON of GOD before that Convention! MEaning…He was considered by his followers as a regular human being, a prophet, a teacher, a friend. And because of that significant decision of the council, all the existing gospels about Christ which talked about his human characteristics were taken out from the exsisting Bible (and then burned)…and Constantine indoctrrinated the NEW BIBLE. He outlawed reading and talking about the old Bible…in such a way that the poeple who CHOSE the old version of the Bible, became the world’s first heretics. (heretic came from the Latin word haereticus, meaning to CHOOSE).

That is only part of the tumultous faith shattering information divulged in the book. Gaaaadddd!!!! To think that what we’ve all been believing in is not entirely true…sad…Although the book has a fictious story, all the facts stated there are based on real documents and real organizations, and of course…REAL RELIGIONS. I am still thinking though if I’m going to believe what the book or rather the author is trying to say…