i didn’t do much today. hehehe..woke up at 11am, watched CSI at 12, had lunch around 1, read The Da Vinci’s Code until 4, went to church, heard mass at 5, went to National to buy school stuff and ate dinner, arrived here at my dorm a little past 8:45, then watched will and grace. there. and now, I’m blogging about my day.

I really don’t feel like writing now, maybe later this evening….or maybe tomorrow morning, I’ll be able to post something substantial and intresting. Hahaha…

Kanina, noong papunta ako dito sa dorm, naisip ko kung ano nangang isususlat ko. Tapos naisip ko din na lately, all my posts have become monotonous. Ya know…they’re all about my day, what I like and don’t like, my rants and raves…well, I know that is just the reason why I made this blog…hmmm…pero chige…it still does work for me…so I’ll just continue writing another post to add to the existing monotonousity (hahaha! is there such a word?) wadahell, go figure.