I know I’ve been ranting about this friggin article but after reading further, I soon learned to appreciate it more. Hehehe…here’s just one of the few paragraphs I like in the article:

“Man works for an object. Remove the object and you reduce him to inaction. The most active man in the world will fold his arms from the instant he understands that it is madness to bestir himself, that hthis work will be the cause of his trouble, that for him it will be the cause of vexations at home and of the pirates greed abroad. It seems that these thoughts have never entered the minds of those who cry out against the indolence of the Filipinos”

– Dr. Jose Rizal

Wala lang…I trully believe that this is true. Diba? Tama nga naman. If you remove the goal/aim of the person, the very reason why he’s working or doing something, then he’ll naturally cease to work. Wala lang, na-amaze lang ako sa profundity ni Rizal. To think that’ he lived at a period when books containing liberal thoughts and ideas were confiscated and all, and yet he’s sooooo enlightened during his time. He must be really smart and exemplary (hahaha! just found out what this word means, kanina lang sa PI, c/o Gideon Lasco) hahahaha…

Owell, gotta continue reading….