I feel really full. I ate hotdogs and green leafy veggies for dinner! Hehehe! Its part of my new principle in life: Live healthy…die happy! 😀 hahaha! Parang mali ata yun?? Die young, die happy dapat yun dba? owell, it’s MY principle, wla na lang pakialamanan!

Wahoo!!! I finished reading Rizal’s article already! Hehe…you might be wondering why it took so long long for me to read that…well here are the reasons…

1. I deliberately slowed down reading the article so that I can contemplate more on what I’ve read.

2. The small text did not help at all in hastening my reading abilities.

3. I am extremely irritable to highfaluitin and verbose ENGLISH utterances.

4. It took me quite a while to understand what supercilious and pernicious mean.

5. I kept on thinking about my favorite paragraph. (see previous entry)

6. I wrote down notes once in a while, thinking that I’ll go back to them when I write my reaction paper…that is, IF I remember where I took them down…*dazed*

7. I blogged last night…didn’t have time to read much further. heehee *wide grin*

Kaya ayan, kanina ko lang natapos bago magstart yung Math 101 lec namin. Grabeee! Ang hirap na ng Statistics! Puro memorization ng kung anu-anong formulas, demographic eklat and all! Haaaayy…I do find them practical kasi diba, when you look at statistics, at least you can realate when it says about Mortality rates and all…but then, pag suuuper dami na…nakakainis na! And we’re having our midterms this coming Monday! For that, di tuloy kami matutuloy sa Laguna, sa bahay ni Maan…sheeeessshhhh.

Why do we have to be toxic while summer??! Why? Why? Whaaaayyyyy???!?!?! Oh yeah…’cause its ALL part of becoming a doctor in 7 years…yeah…….rrrraaaayyyytttt.