guess what? hahaha! Like any other weekend, or summer day for that matter, I slept late last night…or should I say early morning kanina, because I was engaged in a texting marathon with this particualr CLASSMATE and good friend of mine. hahahaha! We were textinfg about multitudes of topics…including MAROON5!!! weeeee!!!! We share this oh-i-really-want-to-watch-their-concerts-and-listen-to-all-their-songs feeling. *wink wink* We agreed that if Maroon5’ll have a concert here in Manila, even if we have tests the following day, WE WON”T MISS IT.

Well, after the nth txt has been sent, we both decided to go to sleep at around 330am…haaayyy…but I really wasn’t sleepy then so I watched TV for 30 minutes more and slept at 4am. 🙂 And oh…I didn’t get to watch smallville yesterday because I did Maan’s blog. hehehe…she moved here in blogger from live journal! wahahaha!!! She didn’t have friends there e! *smirk* rrrrraaayyyyttt???

So there…that’s was my day yesterday. I really don’t know what I’m going to do today. I’m supposed to read my PI homework The Indolece of the Filipino People but I forgetfully left my book back at the dorm…deymnnn…so I guess I’ll be doing that later this evening na lang. I should also have studied How to Make a Research Design (Statistics) but no….. I’m too preoccupied with my detoxification…hahahaha…as if the process never ends.

till then…