yay!!!! Ammmmmsooooohhaaappppiiii!!!!! I passed Math 100!!!! I really thought I was going to get a failing grade…promise no kidding! yey! I’m really happy!!!! kaya kanina, I picked Masikip over Paycheck kasi I needed sum no-brainer movie tlga to celebrate and have a good laugh…where I can just sit down, relax and laugh my heart away! Well…no-brainer tlaga ang movie na to…and I did laugh. But still not hard enough….

I was entertained. Yeah. That’s it…entertained! Kasi, natawa naman tlga ako, pero di ganun ka exceptional yung comedy nya. Not like Crying Ladies or Tanging Ina where I was like laughing and laughing and laughing to the point that I started crying!!!! ahahahaha!!!! [I still laugh really hard whenever I remember any of the scenes in those two movies! ahahaha!!!!

Wala, yun lang. I do recommend it for detoxification, but if you want something worth P65, then don’t watch it because it’s really not that worthy of such amount. I think it has been over publicized, kaya madaming expectations, but sadly, di naman lahat yun na-meet ng movie.

[movie rating: 3/5]