This is the last nyt..the last nyt that I’ll be spending in my own room. The room which I looooove so much. The room where I can just lie around, relax and worry about nothing. Tomorrow morning, when I wake up, I’ll be, again, ending all these. Once more, I’ll be leaving this room, and go back and face reality…

I’m going back to my dorm tomorrow, missing out all the perks of living at my house—cable TV, DSL, a comfy bed and pillowS, my radio, free food, privacy…ohh gawdd…how i’ll miss these… I’ll be back to studying—Math (statistics) and Philippine Institutions (rizal)—back to cramming papers, listening to crappy professors, and late-night studying for tests the following day. I’ll be saying goodbye to chat-nights, consistent blogging and forum-posting since I’m back to pre-paid internet. Geeessshh…how I’ll miss my TV.

But of course, 5 days a week are enough to keep me sane. For at least, even for just two days, I can easily come back here, in my room…and resume my pending detoxification this summer. 😀